8 thoughts on “World of Tanks Console – M53 “Equalizer” – 4 Shell Barrage monster

  1. This is absolutely NOT what this game needs, arty needs to be nerfed to a true support vehicle ONLY – stun, no damage, make them a team player again.

  2. While I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end I’ll admit that this brought a smile to my face.

  3. Take any tech tree tank, cut out part of the name, add name that has an adjective and release as premium. 50 dollars please.

  4. does arty work different on console? because all I saw in the video was direct fire, more like an oversized TD …

    the idea itself sounds scary!

    1. WOT console never had the SPG nerf, so they still run the old aim values etc. And the meta there is different. They run their own show. They don’t balance anything based on what WG PC does. But fire mode is the same. As in top down view or “TD” mode with the unzoomed sight like we do.

      And scary? Unless you are a low HP light. Not really. The barage is just splash damage. Direct hits does almost nothing. It’s just a way to get module damage fast on a group vs killing it. As the shells damage is reduced in that mode. But splash is bigger.

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