World of Tanks – Black Market!

The Black Market is Back!

Commanders, we meet again.

Did you folks miss me? To be honest, I didn’t. Okay, no point bringing up the past. I’ll see you tomorrow, 17:00 CET at the usual place!

24 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Black Market!

  1. Another video with surprisingly high production value. Perhaps Wargaming should switch from making games to the movie business.

      1. I know but still there’s hope he is wrong.
        Sorry i ruined your attempt to be smartass. ^^
        After all, i asked him.

        1. The only smartass here is you. ^^
          Veroxx clearly copied the news text form the official WG site so he can’t be wrong.

            1. I don’t know, he is stupid or something. Trying to be a smartass and accusing another guy for that. Crazy.

            2. Because i am at work at 17.00.
              And last bm was at 18.00 and 6.00.

              Just simple question, why would anyone be bothered with it? Easier to skip than to comment, right?

              Btw, thanks for aall the info veroxx didn’t want to upset anyone.

  2. Very well done video. I wish I could say the same for their maps! Nevertheless I am looking forward to this!

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