Working Invite Codes (EU, NA, SEA)


Works on all 3 servers. Gives 7 days of premium time, 500 gold, and a Churchill III (tier 5).


Works on EU only. Gives Pudel (tier 6), garage slot, 7 day premium. Hands down the best invite code in existence. You can use this link too for making an account (it’s in Polish):  Apparently WG decided to silently remove this code. Used to work late in 2019.


Works on NA only. Gives the removed Tier 5 T-14 US Heavy Tank, 1,000 gold, 6x 50% EXP (2hr) Boosters, 6x 25% Credits (2hr) Boosters. Good until December 30th, 2020


Works on NA only. Includes 3 tanks: T-127 (tier 3) & Pz T 15 (tier 3) & T2 Light Tank (tier 2), plus 3 days of Premium time and 100 Gold.

8 thoughts on “Working Invite Codes (EU, NA, SEA)

  1. N consigo ativar o primeiro código. Alguém pode me dizer como é que ativar, pq eu tô no site e tô em resgatar código, mas n vai.

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