World of Tanks – Battle of Content Creators (Earn Skill4ltu, AwesomeEpicGuys, DezGamez, or Mailand commanders!)

Greetings, Commanders!

Four teams led by five famous content creators are ready to clash in a fierce struggle for supremacy. Take part in this epic stand-off and join one of the teams to make a decisive contribution to the victory of your favorite. Heated battles, a new game format and a bunch of rewards lay ahead. Brace yourselves, it’s going to be great!

Team Clash

January 30, 2020, 11:00 UTC through February 10, 2020, 01:00 UTC


13:00 to 01:00 UTC (EU1 server)

General Rules & Rewards

Skill4ltu, AwesomeEpicGuys, DezGamez, and Mailand have been selected for this battle, but only one of them will triumph. Join one of the content creators’ teams starting from January 30 in the game client, complete combat missions in a 7v7 game mode with separate matchmaking, earn points for your chosen team and receive cool rewards!

Remember: After joining a team, you cannot swap sides, so think carefully about who you will support!

Battles will take place in the 7v7 format, in Tier X vehicles only available in your Garage. There will be two types of progression during the event—personal and team standings—each rewarding you with its own set of prizes.

All the points you earn go towards both personal progression and team standings. The team with the most points earned by its members will triumph. Find more details about personal and team progression systems below.

By participating in the event, you can earn:

But the most precious trophies are:

  • A unique custom commander with the appearance of your favorite content creator and exclusive voiceover
  • A gorgeous 2D-style
  • Exclusive projection decals and other team customizations

But the most precious trophies are:

  • A unique custom commander with the appearance of your favorite content creator and exclusive voiceover
  • A gorgeous 2D-style
  • Exclusive projection decals and other team customizations





How Can I Start Playing?

To join one of the teams, you need to register between January 30 and February 6 via the Missions tab in your Garage.

After you have registered and joined one of the teams:

  1. Go to the Team Clash mode through the drop-down menu to the right of the “Battle” button.
  2. Use the widget under the “Battle” button in your Garage. Clicking on it will take you to the Team Clash Garage.

Earning Points

Four teams will compete for leadership, earning team points and gradually moving toward the main rewards. In parallel with the team, you will also make your way through a personal progression system—more on this below.

All teams have the opportunity to receive super prizes—an exclusive custom commander and a unique style. Also, in the pursuit of rewards, don’t forget that the main goal of the event is to lead your favorite content creator to victory and demonstrate the dominance and solidarity of the team!

You can earn points for your team in two ways:

  • Battle in the new game mode, in a 7v7 format on a select set of maps*. Battles will take place in the Encounter mode, in Tier X vehicles only. All players in each team belong to the team of one content creator and battle against a team belonging to another one. Each team can have no more than one platoon and one SPG in its ranks. During the event, the matchmaker will create a separate queue for players fighting in this mode.
  • Fulfill the following battle missions in Random Battles on Tier IV–X vehicles and earn personal progression points as a reward.

Successful Start


Cause 5,000 damage in an unlimited number of battles


  • Vehicle tiers: IV-X
  • In Random Battles only
  • Once a day


4 points


Step by Step


Earn 4,000 XP in an unlimited number of battles


  • Vehicle tiers: IV-X
  • In Random Battles only
  • Once a day


8 points


Victory March


  • Be among the top 5 players on your team by experience earned
  • Win a battle


  • Vehicle tiers: IV-X
  • In Random Battles only
  • Once a day


5 points


Tank Rental

To play Team Clash in the 7v7 format, you need to have at least one Tier X vehicle. If you don’t have any Tier X tanks in your Garage, but want to try your hand at the new mode, you need to rent vehicles we offer for free. The first rental tank will be credited to all players who joined any team at the start of the event. As you make your way through the team progression and earn points, four more rental tanks will gradually be unlocked for you.

All rental vehicles are only available for Team Clash. It’s not possible to enter Random Battles or any other mode using these tanks.

When choosing which vehicles to include as rental tanks, we tried to select special high-performance vehicles with a variety of gameplay options. Check them out:

  1. X WZ-111 model 5A
  2. X Object 140
  3. X Pz.Kpfw. VII
  4. X UDES 15/16
  5. X Progetto M40 mod. 65

Take these rare tanks for a spin and get an exciting new game experience!


Your fervent support for your beloved content creator is a decisive contribution to their victory. But the content creators themselves won’t be left behind and will have the opportunity to directly influence the course of the struggle. To do this, they need to activate global abilities helping you and your team earn more progression points in battles in the 7v7 format only.

There are 6 abilities in total. Check them out:

Morale Boost. Gives a bonus to the number of points earned by the entire team, depending on its position in the standings.

The Tactical Ploys. Allows you to earn the same number of points when winning or losing.

Intense Battle. Doubles points for victory, if you reach it within five minutes.

Prudent Approach. Doubles the number of points if you win the battle and if the team loses fewer than two vehicles.

Territorial Control. Doubles your points if you win the battle by capturing the base.

Frontal Assault. Activating this ability triggers a team challenge in which your team needs to earn a certain number of team points. This ability doesn’t affect personal points, but gives a multiple bonus to team points, depending on the content creator’s place in the standings.

Values of mechanics and abilities are not final and may be changed before the start of the event. The duration of each ability after activation is one hour, except for Morale Boost.

A content creator is free to decide which ability to activate and when. Each day, they can activate all six abilities, but only once per day, and no two abilities can be active at the same time.

Offers: A Helping Hand to the Team Left Behind

When the event starts, a special bonus called the Offer takes effect. It will allow the team players who finished last in points in the team standings to earn more points. When you register and join a lagging team that has an Offer, you will double your points earned in the next 10 battles in the 7vs7 format. This bonus is also aimed at ensuring the matchmaker’s stable performance and getting you into battles with comparable and competitive teams.

Team Clash promises to be intense, teams will change places until the very end, and the bonus will be moving from one team to another. You can safely join the lagging team to get the Offer and help it get ahead.

The lagging team will be determined automatically. The bonus points that you earn will go both to personal and team progression.

Progression Systems

There will be two types of progression—personal and team. Both are closely related.

You earn personal progression points by participating in battles in the 7v7 mode and completing missions in Random Battles. Upon reaching 60 points, your personal progress is reset and increases by one level. For achieving each new level, you receive a Reward for Merit, but with more valuable contents than usual. At the start of the event, you’ll be on the 1st level with 0 personal points.

Points earned in excess of the number required to complete the current level of progression are carried over to the next one. For example, if you have 59 out of 60 points, and you earn 3 more points, then 1 point will go to complete the current level, and the other 2 points will be credited to the next level.

The main event trophies (for your personal and team progress) await you at ten stages of team progression. Reaching new stages of personal progression, you also contribute to your team’s progression. Upon reaching each new stage, you get a reward, but only if your personal progression level is equal to or higher than your team progression stage. At different stages, you can get your hands on:

  • A special medal
  • Inscriptions
  • Projection decals and emblems
  • A gorgeous 2D-style
  • Tier X rental tanks

But if you want to move on and earn rewards even after you have reached the 10th level of the team progression, you have the opportunity to receive additional Rewards for Merit up to level 30.

The final reward you will receive after completing the 10th stage of team progression is a unique “zero-Skill” custom commander with the appearance and voiceover of a famous content creator, with the Sixth Sense Perk. The amount of experience required to learn additional skills or perks depends on your team’s place in the final standings. The winning team will receive a crew member with enough experience to learn a maximum of three skills/perks. Teams that take 2nd and 3rd places will receive a commander with enough experience to learn two perks and one perk, respectively. The last team will get a “zero-Skill” commander, with the Sixth Sense Perk and without additional perks.

Even More Unique Customization Elements!

Want to grab additional exclusive styles and customization elements without getting to the finale? No problem! Take a look at these four cool custom looks and other stuff from all the participating teams available for gold. Check them out!

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    1. too bad, I personally watched 3 of them, but my favorite one is Skill4ltu, he is so charismatic, his stream is enjoyable, he always interacts with his viewers, answer questions, I learned alot from him

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    2. Not accurate, there were suggestions for streamer customizations on the forums the moment they added crew skins to the game.

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