World of Tanks 1.7.1 – Preload


Download version 1.7.1 in advance today! The update itself will be released shortly after the preload version.

The preliminary distribution of the update will reduce the load on gaming services on the day of its official release. And you, having downloaded the new version in advance, will be able to try it right away, as soon as it is released.

Version sizes:
SD version – 641 MB.
HD version – 798 MB.

Preloading may be available periodically. If you do not download anything, you should wait and try again after a while.

6 thoughts on “World of Tanks 1.7.1 – Preload

  1. Is it only me,or are the last couple of patches,the most useless patches ever released?
    Halloween event cancelled,balance changes announced from 2018 still not implemented,ammo rework takes 2+ years,their tech tree “global rebalance 2.0” from 2018 still missing,slava makarov leaving WG,underwhelming last patches,a lot of technical issues lately,is there something going terribly wrong with WG?

    1. Im glad they delivered on STB, Leopard and Kranvagn balance, and technically they buffed the IS4 by making a more garbage line. Still angry that the E100 hasnt been touched, even though they can just put the Maus turret as a second turret.

    2. Ammo Rework 2 years? Try 7…

      What i am waiting for is a chat rework or to be precise: a chat Implementation. The current thing you cant call a system. Its a functional mess. Bare bones. ICQ laughs its ass off!

  2. …does the preload not work at all on EU, or does WG’s Game Center hate me personally?

  3. Pre-load doesnt work, MM doesnt work, chat doesnt work, wheeled vehicles doesnt work, gold doesnt work, halloween event doesnt work, xmas event doesnt work, 2 barrel doesnt work, maps doesnt work, crew doesnt work

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