0 thoughts on “World of Tanks Patch 1.7.1 – Map changes

  1. Some changes are pretty good e.g. Mines and long overdue.

    But Lakeville: all bit slow tanks are in in garage within the first 2 minutes. This will only do up to tier 5 where viewrange is bit lower. A map / gamemode where most tanks get spoted in the spawnpoint within the first second of the game and have no cover!

  2. Ruinberg finally has fair spawn points. Ensk is better but south still has a slight advantage. Cliff has north with a slight advantage, same for Prok.

  3. Terrible, terrible mistaken spawn points on Lakeville.
    Autospoted by light after 30 seconds if you, go to the toillet or go take a coffe/tea and don’t get back in time.
    Horrible change on lakeville.

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