World of Tanks Patch 1.7.1 – New 3D Styles

AMX 50 B „Javan Rhino”

Priced at 3000 gold.

Löwe „Anhalt Lion”

In files named “Valentine_Day”. Priced at 3750 gold.

IS-3 „Pike”

A unique style designed to celebrate the Day of Defender of the Fatherland. Priced at 2500 gold.

Brought to you by rykoszet 🙂

0 thoughts on “World of Tanks Patch 1.7.1 – New 3D Styles

  1. 2500-3750 gold for a skin when most of the current in-game camos are 700?
    A bit pricey but I suppose WG need to get rid of the gold stocks from xmas loot boxes before Black Market comes around so they can get more hard cash.

  2. At 3750 and 3000 and 2500 Gold!
    – this looks stupidly over expensive its just a designer tank camo skin, btw 3500 Gold that\’s over £11.00 for a tank decoration

    )and is that price inclusive for a \’full 3x set\’ Summer, Winter, Desert, or per single camo?

    agreed it does make your fav Tanks look better I have many on my Tanks already and really like them, Xmas camo\’s etc and the Large Box freebie Camo skins, all are nice

    but 3750 Gold ~ 2500 Gold?
    still its a clever way for WG to make money and fools and money etc, lol its just that steep Gold price?

    1. Far better than stupid premium vehicles that have changed the game and painted WG into a corner. An £11 optional, for the fan, customization option is a far healthier way of monetizing the game. Skorpion G\’s and Defenders aren\’t.

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