World of Tanks Blitz – Tier 7-9 Japanese Tank Destroyers

Stats of these tanks should come out in a few updates. Japanese tank destroyer line progression:

Chi-Ri Casemate (tier 7) -> Ho-Ri II (tier 8) -> Ho-Ri Sloped Concept (tier 9) -> Ho-Ri III (Ho-Ri I historically) (tier X)

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  1. …what about lower than tier 7? Japan can easily fill in tiers 2-4 on actually historically produced vehicles, tiers 5 and 6 might get a bit iffy because, AFAIK, there are a lot of designs that people aren\’t sure if they actually are or are not real.

    1. WG is being lazy and just introducing higher tiers, it\’s just that. It sorta makes sense considering their plans to strip lower tiers, but not making the line start at least from tier 4 like other TD lines will start is just laziness.

    2. «there are a lot of designs that people aren’t sure if they actually are or are not real»
      that would be the Tier 7, as for the Ho-Ris we know the guns won\’t be the historical options but they did design all 3
      I am also not so sure they will not add low tier TDs, while it does make sense to have a single LT or MT line split into the different classes at Tier 4 it does not make sense that SPG and TD are included, I think we might still see 1 TD + 1 SPG + 1 LT/MT line up until Tier 4/5 for all nations that have those because the gameplay is obviously different and low tiers give players the option to learn until they reach more competitive tiers, that is why we will still need low Tier TDs

  2. I wonder if the premiums will be based on the concept sketches found in old Japanese magazines

    the ones from the researcheable line are the ones actualy based on the technical drawings/proposals and the wooden mockup (mockup of the Ho-Ri III = 3rd proposal = \”sloped concept\” = the true Ho-Ri actually built), so why not have the \”concept art\” version as a premium?

  3. So they\’re calling the tier 8 the Ho-Ri II, tier 9 the Ho-Ri I and tier 10 is the Ho-Ri III…

    dear god WG. The \”Ho-Ri I\” at tier 9 looks about as inplace as the Obj 263 does in the Soviet tech tree right now. Just doesn\’t visually match the rest of the line at all XD

    If it was tier 10 it would be different, but it\’s literally going from flat and boxy to slopped then back to flat

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