WoT Blitz Update 6.7 – Guided Missile tanks!

They’re Firing Missiles!

Two light tanks were added to the American Tech Tree. Now, the T49 can be researched to the T92E1, which will further lead you to the Tier X XM551 Sheridan. The key feature of these new vehicles are guided missiles. This is a special type of shell marked with a new icon. And you can control their flight! The other two types, APCR and HE shells, work as usual.

With Update 6.7, two new researchable tanks enter the game. They might only be two, but just check them out. First off, these are Tier IX and X light tanks, which are incredibly rare specimens. Second, they’re EXTREMELY SWIFT light tanks, especially the Sheridan. And the guns are their crown jewels—large-caliber and capable of firing anti-tank guided missiles (ATGM).

ATGMs are slower than usual shells, but the fact you can control them more than makes up for the lack of speed. The missiles fly where your reticle points. You can strike enemies hiding behind cover, adjust the missile to a more penetrating angle, or even hit enemies from above by taking advantage of the curved trajectory. Chances are though that you won’t be able to pull off such tricks right off the bat. But practice makes perfect.

There’s plenty more to know about ATGMs:

  • A missile has no dispersion, which means it will land exactly where the reticle is pointed.
  • A missile’s range and flight time are limited by its fuel capacity. When the fuel runs out, the missile will explode in the air.
  • The gun starts reloading only after the missile hits the target or explodes.

The T92E1

Researched after the T49 for 170,000 XP

T92E1 is a nimble, maneuverable, and highly dangerous tank. Or rather a hot rod chassis for moving the formidable 152 mm gun. It’s also a good training simulator to practice with before playing in Tier X vehicles.

The default gun of the T92E1 is accurate, fast-firing, and deals high damage per minute. It has a standard shell penetration of just 220 mm, but this number is more than enough given the tank’s magnificent mobility. Besides, you’re not going to engage heavies head-on anyway, right? Riiiight? If you want, you can play this gun up to Tier X, but we recommend installing the top gun with ATGMs as soon as possible to learn the new firing mechanics. This 152-mm gun is identical to that of the Sheridan, so we’ll go into greater detail in the next part.

The Sheridan

Researched after T92E1 for 250,000 XP

This is all that needs to be said: 38 horsepower per ton and a max speed of 65 km/h. You could even win a drag race in the Sheridan! Anyone who doesn’t agree will receive a taste of an ATGM! Mwa-ha-ha!

Seriously though, the Sheridan is a speedster that can accelerate to incredible speeds within seconds. While some heavies are still in the process of lumbering from the spawn point, you can go the entire map and back. Climb Middleburg’s hill at 50 km/h? No sweat! After that, go down and climb again. It’s a pure pleasure to ride in this tank. Skirt obstacles? The Sheridan’s a pro! With such speed and maneuverability, you don’t need armor at all.

And about the armor… the Sheridan sort of doesn’t have it, yet at the same time, it sort of does. Nearly the entire hull is circled by 6 mm side screens, with 12–32 mm for the main armor underneath. This design doesn’t really protect the vehicle against most rounds, but it does significantly reduce damage from HE shells and it might even stop a HEAT in some cases.

The Sheridan is equipped with a 152-mm gun with 3 types of shells. The APCR and HE shells work as usual, while HEAT shells work like ATGMs. All types of shells will do very well in battle:

  • The APCRs penetrate an impressive 240 mm of armor and deal 560 HP of damage.
  • The HE shells have a nice penetration value of 90 mm, and the 680 HP of damage caused will terrorize lightly armored TDs and French tanks.
  • The ATGMs and their 340 mm of penetration with 560 HP of damage will get enemies hiding behind some types of cover and help you hit armor at a more favorable angle.

The devastating firepower, long reload time, and unprecedented mobility of the Sheridan make it clear that hit-and-run is your tactic of choice. The role of this new tank is to pose a constant threat to the enemy—a threat that appears out of nowhere, strikes hard, and disappears almost as fast as it appeared. Even if launching ATGMs is hard at first, the reliable APCR and HE rounds make sure the enemy doesn’t stand a chance. Save XP, upgrade the T49, and be the first to try out the unique gameplay of the T92E1 and Sheridan!

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  1. If these things work like the guided missiles in War Thunder then they\’ll probably actually be pretty balanced.

    The AMX 13 SS.11 gets to fire ATGM\’s with like 600mm of pen at WWII tanks. It sounds broken as Hell… but its not, because the rocket travels very slowly and the AMX 13, a tank with no armor, isn\’t allowed to move while the rocket is moving. You end up as a paper tank, with no armor protection, being forced to expose yourself for what feels like a *very* long time as the rocket travels very slowly to the target, and everybody within a 5 mile radius just saw you fire it. You have to hope that everyone is too distracted or stupid to shoot at you before you get the chance to return to cover.

    If the guided missiles for these tanks in WOT Blitz work similarly, then they\’ll actually probably be pretty balanced. Tons of damage and pen but pray to God nobody decides to shoot at you.

    1. It won\’t be balanced and it can\’t be balanced in WoT since tanks have health. In WT one shot will kill you.

      In WoT you simply do not have enough time to chip away the enemy health before the missile reaches you.

      1. True, but also a light tank [especially a big one like these] will probably take way more than just 560 damage before the rocket itself hits the target, unless its trying to 1v1 you, in which case you\’re either:

        A. Sufficiently agile to avoid the slow moving rocket, or
        B. Big and Fat and have enough hitpoints to trade that, even if you hit them for less than 560 damage, you still come out ahead in that trade.

        I can see these things being really stupid at close range, but that too is a really dangerous game for a light tank to be playing.
        High reward, but also VERY high risk.

  2. I hope this wont ever make it to WoT PC.
    Last thing we need is a shell that\’s able to follow you while you move to avoid it.

  3. Eeeeeeeh, no, stop thinking up retarded mechanics and *DON\’T* bring this to the PC version of WoT….

  4. More annoyed that they\’re still using that ugly cardboard box prototype hull for the Sheridan than anything.

  5. Lovely memories from armored warfail closed beta testing come to mind here…. been there done that. cant wait till the rest of you discover the joys of what that will do to gameplay. is gameplay even a thing anymore? oh well, whatever is left of it, you can aim at it and guide a nuked into its face

    press F for gameplay

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