World of Tanks Patch 1.7.1 – List of Changes (New tanks, camouflages, skins, map changes)


Demount Kit.

Starting with Update 1.7.1, it will be possible to unmount and send Complex Equipment to the Depot for free without spending 10 gold. To do this, you need to use the new Demount Kit. It has varying chances to drop from the large Reward for Merit in the fifth round of this special in-game reward.

Each Demount Kit can be used only once to unmount one piece of Complex Equipment. You can still unmount Complex Equipment for gold – just select the option from the menu on the equipment screen. But why not simply remove it for free and save your gold for something else?

Earned Demount Kits will be stored in the Stock section of the Consumables tab in your Depot and automatically debited after use. Remember: these items cannot be sold!

Changes in technical parameters.

Added a new branch of tanks, beginning with KV-3, with the brand new double barreled gun mechanic:
• IS-2 II (VIII)
• IS-3 II (IX)
• ST-II (X)

For supertesters, new tanks to be tested were added:
• Object 752

• Char Futur 4 – previously the tank was called Projet 4-1. Presumably is a reward for 2020’s Frontlines/Steel Hunter modes.


Balance changes were made for the encounter mode for the following maps: Himmelsdorf, Ensk, Lakeville, Prokhorovka, Mines, Steppes, Siegfried Line and Ruinberg
Cliff now joins the Encounter mode map pool.


– Added a new clan paraphernalia for the upcoming event at Dawn of the Industry Group of Companies: medals, patches, large decals, etc.

– 2 new 2D styles have been added to the game files: “Waitangi Day” and “Ocean of Lava”.

– Added a new camouflage to the game files: “Kohaku”.

– 5 new 3D styles have been added to the game files:
• “Montu” for IS-3
• “Not a single gap” for the T-44-100 (P)
• “Hjalpkran” for Kranvagn
• “Thin case” for Object 261
• “Safari Corazzato” for Progetto M35 mod. 46

When you first enter the game with a new account, the ability to skip the initial intro is added, and notifications for this video are added to understand what is happening (map loading, for example).

– Fixed text inaccuracies in some styles in the game.

– Other minor changes.

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  1. Is it just me or …. i\’m actually curious with the \”ammo changes\” and nothing else! At the moment i decided to put a stop on the game for a while until i notice actual efforts to put a stop on the \”special ammo\” spam! This just ruins the game experience… No Skill needed… Just P2W!

    1. I think it will come later this year. I prefer they take their time with ammo changes so that they do not destroy the game.

    2. no…you are not the only one
      this change is the main reason why i am still here… I STILL HOPE for P2W decrease !

    3. If you have not learned how to play the game with special ammo at this point, you should quit the game. You are the whiny minority that the game needs less than it needs special ammo. A majority of people will stop playing the game if they get rid of or change special ammo. This is why special ammo changes will not proceed.

      1. the problem isn’t learning how to play with special ammo, the problem is that the entire concept of “special ammo“ was completely dumb to begin with and has been one of the worst aspects of this game for its entire 10 year existence. “Press 2 = Better“ has always been a completely terrible way to design a game. Not even EA or Activision titles have features like this in it.

      2. Architect … I thought carefully if your reply would even deserve my attention…. and…. Because i guess you are one oh those who actually needs \”special ammo\” to play this and be good on this… I rest my case with you! Lost cause you are!

    4. Ammo has not been pay to win in a while. You\’re free to spend your credits on the type of ammo you want to bring to the match. Just as everyone else is.

      If you dont like APCR and Heat, stay at tier V, where the only thing you have to worry about is High Explosive shells XD.

      Even with the upcoming proposed changes, people are still gonna shoot APCR and Heat. Its a part of the game, and part of a player\’s mastery of each tank.

      If I saw someone in my clan not using heat or APCR, I would have to wonder what other odd choices they make for themselves that only make their life harder for no reason.

      1. Yeah, sure, people will still shoot APCR and HEAT, but at least then there will be an actual incentive to choose when to, and when NOT to shoot these shells. Right now its a completely idiotic “Premium is always better, shoot as much as you can“ game design; the only reason why some players don’t only load premium ammo is the cost [which does directly feed into it being a P2W mechanic]. With the ammo change, ONLY loading HEAT or premium APCR will make you look like a tryhard, because it will make you actively do less damage. That’s smarter game design. No more of this “press 2 = better“ meta.

        1. Less damage is still better than no damage, and for some TDs, still means 500 or 600 damage shots. It\’s not gonna be the bandaid some players think it is.

          Especially if they decrease the cost of the shells.

          I look forward to scrubs continuing to overextend in their Russian tanks and complain about heat and APCR.

          1. Sure, some damage is better than no damage, but it will still be an bad move to *only* load premium HEAT/ACPR after the ammo change, unlike now where there are almost no situations ever where *not* firing premium ammo basically just amounts to you being a cheap person.

            1. Actually not even that. Most damage to a single-vehicle is spread out between multiple tanks on a team. If 240 damage becomes 175, its a very thin tax on what becomes multiple 175 one-shots on the same target.
              Considering APCR often gets increased projectile speed on top of pen, and I still dont see good players letting up, 25% Damage vs Pen and Projectile speed is still a no brainer.

              If its a difference between a weaker damaging shot and whiff due to speed or angle, yeah I dont see this as anything but WG trying to put a blindfold on bad players and telling them they care.

              Honestly, the changes to HP and HE would be a bigger game-changer IMHO, especially at the tiers most of the community play at. Most people dont play past tier six anyway.

              1. Forgot to add that APCR/Heat still rolls to crit, which considering their increased hull travel, means if you have deadeye, it can get silly real quick in low tiers.

        2. It’s a bad change think of +2 matchmaking, where bottom tiers have to load gold just to pen the top tier tanks, while top tier can just spam them with AP.

  2. Curious about that Kohaku 2D style.
    Name appears to be Japanese (means Amber, btw), so my guess is that it is an Asian style.
    Maybe for Chinese new year? (But why give it a Japanese name then?)

  3. \”gold spam\”, \”p2w\” have always been the excuses of bad players. Everybody can use prem ammo, but not everybody gets better. Many don\’t understand this and believe that prem ammo free WOT would give them better chances…

    1. KF… Excuses for bad players? I don\’t know if i laugh or if i cry to still have \”players\” thinking like you which can\’t see the \”special ammo\” as it is now… is just idiotic! But well.. I\’m myself a 2k WN8 player and i\’m the first complaining…. For your standards i guess i\’m really bad!

      1. so what is wrong with the special ammo?

        when i was in the clans, i used to hear this complaint from the bad players… gold spammers… they ruin the game… but what personally bothers you about using prem ammo? they never couldn\’t explain

        1. Look, you can afford it, so its all great for you. You pen more shots, more damage, better games, ‘oh look I’m doing well, those guys aren’t, must be because they are bad’. No.
          I am not f2p as I have a couple premium tanks, but I go in to each battle:
          – without more than 5 premium rounds
          – without food booster consumable
          – without directives
          – without large repair/med kits
          – without elite vehicle (I rarely buy engine/tracks/radio)
          – sometimes without equipment
          – sometimes without personal reserves
          This adds up to a massive amount, so my tank is effectively 30-40% worse than those you have. This makes my battles a lot worse, and I get less credits, I can’t afford this stuff, I have worse battles and the vicious circle continues. If I played like this I would be losing up to 50,000 credits per game.
          But you have premium account and all the payed goodies, so you think this is because you have so much skill. I really hate it when people pay for something and don’t see the huge advantage it gives them, and then point at lower performing players (f2p) and call them bad.

          1. I think you\’re making too many generalizations here. The situation you describe would have the consequence that poor = bad and rich = skill. I don\’t think that\’s true. I\’m not rich, but I can afford premm acc and prem ammo.
            I don\’t use prem consumables either, not because they are too expensive, but because they don\’t bring so many advantages.

            30-40%??? how did you calculate that, you play without anything? sounds way too high to me. maybe 5-10%.

            without equipment? i gotta be honest, that\’s just stupid. I mean, you could play all the tanks stock, just don\’t spend anything, because f2p is the basis for the fun of every video game.

            I don\’t want to offend anyone who can\’t afford certain things in the game, but I don\’t think the average wot player is that poor. And if that\’s the case, why shouldn\’t the players who can afford it indulge themselves? Without being called a p2w player by others.

  4. The ammo ain\’t the issue.
    Tanks without weakspots are!

    Obj279 and whatnot…
    If it took skill to drive op Russians… Well… Nobody would use Prem.

    But if on AP the entire tank is just ONE RED HITZONE…

    Can\’t wait for decent HE.

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