World of Tanks Patch 1.7.1 – List of Changes (New tanks, camouflages, skins, map changes)


Demount Kit.

Starting with Update 1.7.1, it will be possible to unmount and send Complex Equipment to the Depot for free without spending 10 gold. To do this, you need to use the new Demount Kit. It has varying chances to drop from the large Reward for Merit in the fifth round of this special in-game reward.

Each Demount Kit can be used only once to unmount one piece of Complex Equipment. You can still unmount Complex Equipment for gold – just select the option from the menu on the equipment screen. But why not simply remove it for free and save your gold for something else?

Earned Demount Kits will be stored in the Stock section of the Consumables tab in your Depot and automatically debited after use. Remember: these items cannot be sold!

Changes in technical parameters.

Added a new branch of tanks, beginning with KV-3, with the brand new double barreled gun mechanic:
• IS-2 II (VIII)
• IS-3 II (IX)
• ST-II (X)

For supertesters, new tanks to be tested were added:
• Object 752

• Char Futur 4 – previously the tank was called Projet 4-1. Presumably is a reward for 2020’s Frontlines/Steel Hunter modes.


Balance changes were made for the encounter mode for the following maps: Himmelsdorf, Ensk, Lakeville, Prokhorovka, Mines, Steppes, Siegfried Line and Ruinberg
Cliff now joins the Encounter mode map pool.


– Added a new clan paraphernalia for the upcoming event at Dawn of the Industry Group of Companies: medals, patches, large decals, etc.

– 2 new 2D styles have been added to the game files: “Waitangi Day” and “Ocean of Lava”.

– Added a new camouflage to the game files: “Kohaku”.

– 5 new 3D styles have been added to the game files:
• “Montu” for IS-3
• “Not a single gap” for the T-44-100 (P)
• “Hjalpkran” for Kranvagn
• “Thin case” for Object 261
• “Safari Corazzato” for Progetto M35 mod. 46

When you first enter the game with a new account, the ability to skip the initial intro is added, and notifications for this video are added to understand what is happening (map loading, for example).

– Fixed text inaccuracies in some styles in the game.

– Other minor changes.