0 thoughts on “WoT – New Year’s and Christmas in Letters from the Front: Voices of War

  1. Wargame can suk my Dick
    and stick this ruibbish PR crap Video where the sun don\’t shine just bunch of money grabbing shisters

    WG dont give a fuk about WOT just my/ our €€€ money that\’s it

    over Xmas Holidays played WOT every day (mid winter so) and all the many glaring faults become apparent soon
    Shit small/ corridor / City Maps say around 80% are pure garbage
    Team MM – its zero nothing and \’go fuk yourself from WG\’
    the MM OP as hell with all the OP Bobject and etc and new Xmas T8 OP Premiums

    cannot wait for Work and Spring = No more shit games of €€€ WOT

    and WG you can go stick your stupid patronising fake US voices

      1. Fuk-ing right boy

        Wargame patronising €€€ grabbing shisters
        Game gets almost zero €€€
        WOT mega profits into WG billionaire fund for Slava- trust-me-look-at-my-sincere-oily-smile as I farm €€€ mega big time

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