World of Tanks Blitz – Japanese Tank Destroyer Ho-Ri III Model & Stats

Reminder: the tank stats are in early stages and balanced around WoT Blitz meta.

Tier 10 Japanese Tank Destroyer Ho-Ri Type III  – Full stats


Main armament: 14.9cm gun Type 96;

Shells  – Type 96 AP / Type 2 AP / Type 2 HE

Alpha damage – 560/545/640;

Penetration values – 310/380/85;

Rate of fire –  5 (12 s. reload);

Gun accuracy – 0.34;

Aim time – 2.1 s.

Aim circle spread –

  • on tank movement – 0,17;
  • on tank traverse – 0,17;

Gun depression – 8 degrees;


View range – 250;

Camouflage values –

  • Stationary 24.7 %;
  • On movement 14.8 %;
  • When firing – 8%


Engine power – 850;

Vehicle traverse speed – 30;

Specific power ratio – 14.1 hp/t;

Maximum speed –

  1. forwards 50 km/h;
  2. backwards 20 km/h;

Terrain resistances –

  • on hard terrain – 1.2;
  • on medium Terrain – 1.4;
  • on soft terrain – 2;


Hull front / side – 250 mm / 90 mm/50mm;


0 thoughts on “World of Tanks Blitz – Japanese Tank Destroyer Ho-Ri III Model & Stats

  1. That thing looks like it has a Chi-Ri hull how in the world is the gun longer and so wide and only a 15cm caliber

    1. Probably just a very thick barrel. Technically, a gun of caliber x could be any thickness between x+a bit to infinity

    1. This Ho-Ri is the variant what is usually known as \”Ho-Ri I\”, which had flat frontal armor and rear mounted superstructure. The Ho-Ri with sloped frontal plate is sometimes erroneously known as \”Ho-Ri III\”, but it was never referred with that name. No idea why would WG call the Ho-Ri I \”Ho-Ri III\”, probably because there will be two Ho-Ris before it. However, it brings another question that why did WG pick this variant as tier X when the two other variants would\’ve been better picks?

      1. So this is the one with the flat frontal plate, right (the actual real Ho-Ri I)? I\’m really intrigued as to how the branch will look like. I\’d say that the Ho-Ri II could be a nice Tier 8 Premium, and the Ho-Ri III with the sloped front plate would be the logical Tier 10. I guess we won\’t get the actual sloped Ho-Ri III at all by the looks of it… And that\’s sad…

        1. actually, IRL they only built the Ho-Ri \”III\” and initially it only had 75mm of armor, although well sloped, for that reason I think that a lighter Ho-Ri III \”Prototype/Experimental\” with the 10cm (actually 105mm) cannon with conventional loading would fit prfectly

      2. \”However, it brings another question that why did WG pick this variant as tier X when the two other variants would’ve been better picks?\”

        You seem surprised by this for some reason? Not the first time WG has done stuff like this.

        1. what is commonly known as Ho-Ri III is simply the final design that went into prototype stage as the Ho-Ri, so yeah, technically the real Ho-Ri is only the 3rd design, that however does not change the fact the one above is still the 1st design and is wrongly designated, it \”should\” be like this:

          Ho-Ri \”I\” »» Ho-Ri \”1st alternative\”
          Ho-Ri \”II\” »» Ho-Ri \”2nd alternative\”
          Ho-Ri \”III\” »» Ho-Ri \”production\”

          NOTE: of course the \”x alternative\” thing should be replaced by something that would make sense both under the Japanese language and the Japanese military nomenclature system, for aviation for example they have the \”Otsu\”, \”Toku\” and other designations for variants of the same aircraft, maybe applying that to the Ho-Ri 1 and 2 since I know those are also used for cannon ammo (there\’s the 75mm Type 5 AP Toku, Otsu, etc)

  2. judging from what is commonly accepted as the facts about the Ho-Ri we can say that is wrongly named/designated
    to put it simply I think they are clearly wasting a opportunity of giving the players both something we are already familiar with but also has something new and unique among TDs

    line main features at the top Tiers: auto-realoader cannons
    because the 10cm cannon copied the system from the Chi-Ri and was to be equiped with a autoloader, besides the only option for a stock gun is the 75mm from the Chi-Ri and at Tier 8 that would need to be autoloader or auto-reloader to be competitive

    structure: really similar to the original German TD line

    Tier 8 Ho-Ri (Ferdinand)
    Tier 9 Ho-Ri II (JagdTiger)
    Tier 10 Ho-Ri III (JagdPz E-100)

    probably lighter armor to balance the auto-reloader but also much better elevation arc

    gun options: whatever fits, historical 10cm at Tier 8 and then probably other naval gun converted for AT role, like the 12cm mouted on top of a Chi-Ha hull

    NOTE: the grind gun for the Tier 8 can really only be the 75mm, unless they go into the fake concept that has circulated the Internet about a Chi-Ri \”Kai\” with a 88mm AA gun, as for the twin 88mm SPAA based on the Chi-Ri I\’ve never seen anyone claim it was another fake, and the Chi-Se was supposed to be a improved Chi-Ri following the modifications done to its hull for the Ho-Ri III (sloped frontal armor) but the gun was still the 10cm cannon (top for Tier 8 TD)

    btw the Chi-Se would be a good Tier 8, either premium or alternative for the first modern MT

  3. Love how BLITZ is getting them before PC when they were promised to PC in 2019, holiday tanks. All well just more reasons to not trust wargaming ever again.

    1. Do not forget the E-100 buff, the IS-4 changes and the Grille 15 replacement (but later that year WG said they were not going to mess with the Grille 15 anymore)

  4. So this year we will have the double barrel tanks, the Italian heavies and the Japanese destroyers. Nice!

    1. Lemme let you in on a secret. This year you will only see those 3 lines, in 2021 you can expect a very unique new nation to join WoT 😉 Have fun

          1. So the remaining two nations to be added after this 2021 nation are the Hungarians and the Romanians unless they decide to make a global/European tree?

            1. I also hope to somehow see the Finnish BT-42 in the game. With captured and purchased tanks, a whole one-branch tech tree should be possible as well, at least until tier IX (T-55M). I don\’t care about copy/paste tanks (in the tech tree… premiums are sth else).

    1. 2000 damage, 34 pen HE 1300 damage, 270 pen HEAT
      obviously the size of the tank needs to closer to type 4, and the traverse speed needs to be multiplied by 1/3 for balance.

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