One thought on “World of Tanks – Tank Rewards Point Calculator (Don’t miss out on free rewards!)

  1. ….. uhu… You create an excel sheet for… an event running in the background, taking no kind of extra effort or any other resource you wouldn\’t spend anyway Oo

    Alright, i show you one of my sheets for the fun of it. Ok?
    Just to see how a Wot marathon compares to… idk lets say an average day in Eve Online:

    It does have 7 main pages which all work off each other… you have to set the value of Minerals and your wallet and it will calculate you the costs of minerals and the amount of ships you can produce (minutes taxes and other costs) and show the current most lucrative ships relative to each other. (of course color-coded)

    ~ but it hardly compares to count to 50…

    Oh wait. The page actually does the counting… my bad! ^^

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