World of Tanks – Advent Calendar 2019: Day 22


Forget the hammer guy: fast and hard-punching, the Lansen C is the true heir to Odin’s throne. Thanks to its good speed, this medium will arrive first in the melee and fight in it with its terrifying alpha damage.

Lansen C Offers

In-Game Deal

  • VIII Lansen C
  • 25 missions: x5 XP for each victory
  • 100% Trained Crew
  • Garage Slot

Price: 7,500 Gold

0 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Advent Calendar 2019: Day 22

  1. Very pleasant premium to play. Fast, great alpha and when you fully aim, its accurate… one of the best fun 8 tier premiums, for me…

    1. I have to agree!

      320 alpha for such an agile beauty is great!
      One of my favorites, alongside progetto and 44-100!

  2. Yes, agree, very agile. I have even better stats in lansen then in t44100 or progetto 😀 anyway, that alpha against lower tiers when you are top tier is very strong…

  3. very good T8 Premium fast agile and a good Gun with high Alpha the Gun can be sometimes a little derpy but this is the games RNG at its most ‘fun’ not (its DPM is high as well

    A medium tank that I class as a ‘Heavy Light Tank’ but with a nice decent Gun that works and a high camo rating

    my WN8 stats and WOT Average XP stats on this are very high so clearly this Tank suits my style

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