0 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Battle Journey 2019

  1. 1 small box gets credited to the account at the end. Wow.

    It’s as good as the daily winners in the official WoT Stream who win 3 small boxes.

  2. 1 small box only?

    What about others who have got the Progetto or a million credits as a compensation for the Progetto earlier this year?

    1. The Progetto was for those that are for a ‘X’ amount of year playing the game. (for example you played 6 or 7 years)

      This is just a yearly review. and with that nothing really special, although a large box would have been welcome for anybody.
      The ‘big one’ comes in the week of your account creation in your mail as a reward.

        1. so I got the email….follow the ride to the end…and when I click “unwrap your gift”….it does nothing…..no credits,no small box….NOTHING…….and you say someone even got the Progetto???….so lets recap: you could grind marathon for it…..you could have buy it in premium shop on multiple occasions…you could have gotten it from large box……OR YOU COULD HAVE GOTTEN IT FOR FREE???????????

          1. I don’t think anyone is getting the Progetto for free from this Journey. I got 2 small boxes, so there maybe some variation in number of boxes, but you won’t be getting free tier 8 premium tanks. At best it would have been a 10 game rental or some such for certain accounts.

  3. One small box. This actually makes me feel worse than getting nothing, because at least getting nothing is honest.

  4. As far as stupid rewards go, this one takes the cake. It’s not that they owe us anything, but when you bring a feature such as this – which was actually pretty nice in itself – than topping it up with an utterly pointless ‘goody’ like this feels like a total anti-climax and leaves a pretty bad taste in the mouth. It would have been much better actually if there had been no ‘goody’ at all instead of a single stupid little small parcel.

  5. An account I made in 2014 to speed run a game ban got a free progetto46.

    My main account who’s been active since 2012, supporting the game and getting better, got one free small box.


  6. In my small box, I got a small repair kit !!! This kind of generosity is way too much, they may bankrupt if they keep giving pixel stuff like that !…… sigh…
    I mean, why don’t they simply give 1 big box for each year played, not difficult to program, and everybody is happy ! Not a big gift, but still better than a stupid small box…

  7. Are you people kidding me? It’s just a thing to see your “Battle Journey”, not give you rewards. Rewards for what, ya bozos?

  8. Yo those curious about the progetto. It seems unknown why some get it and others do not.
    On my main ive gotten a small box and progetto. On my alt (eu) i got a tier 2 with 3 other items. While on my na alt, ive gotten a tier two.
    The progetto is 30 day rental.

    By the way, the email will have two links, one for the box, the other for progetto (and 3 days prem)

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