World of Tanks – Potential Advent Calendar leak

Information comes from u/SplirerFoxHound  on reddit.

Last tanks in the advent calendar are:

  • E25
  • T-44-100
  • Caernarvon AX (Today’s offering)
  • VK 168 maurbrecher
  • TS-5
  • Lancen C

Remember, this is not a leak and simply an observation that has so far been accurate.

0 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Potential Advent Calendar leak

  1. Its entirely possible that something really weird may pop up too, like that T-44A premium tier 7 medium that has been hanging around the game files for years, or the KV-4 KTTS.

  2. “Not enough battles for a video?” huh!?
    Also Type62 is… average. I have it for many years.

    The tank is well rounded and does have a fine viewrange, but its just trumped by OP fucks like the Hyperspeed EBR FL,…. the Invsible EVEN and the BullyBulldog or LP432 wanna-be medium tank

    1. Its a little unfair comparing a tier 7 to a tier 8 light tank.

      I think the Type 62 is a fine tier 7 “medium”. compare it to something like a T-43. As a “medium” it has no armor and few hitpoints, but really good overall firepower, really good gun handling, is fast and really sneaky.

  3. ps. Mauer was supposed to be in the shop.
    TS5 , kinda obvious this broken thing makes an appearance. (broken = op when toptier
    T44-100 also very strong contender and i highly recommend it!
    Lansen C… not so much. Perhaps.
    E25 also dont believe it

    SOMUA wasn’t in store for quite a while. I would think this one comes too

    1. I don’t believe E-25 is going to come when tanks can be obtained for gold, unless WG literally want to destroy tier 7 matchmaking forever

  4. psps. “No video” and that’s why you crossout panhard? Cmon! Who cares about those videos!?
    I haven’t heard about this person until NOW…. they sell it and ppl jump it.
    He sure didn’t make videos on every tank ever… makese no sense to me.

    1. The logic here is that Skill4ltu was given a preview ahead of time by WG about what the advent calendar would be, to give him time to make videos about every vehicle in the advent calendar and release them daily. If Skill4ltu hasn’t played a vehicle recently, it probably means that he isn’t making a video of it, therefore its probably not showing up in the calendar.

  5. As for the post itself, its worth pointing out that Skill4ltu didn’t make a video about the T-27, yet that thing did manage to make an appearance in the calendar anyway.

  6. If this report is true, I won’t bother to spend any more gold. The only tank on this list I don’t have and in which I might be vaguely interested in is Lansen C, and then again – not really.

    Having said this – didn’t they say on the website that this year’s calendar would go on until January 1st?

  7. Also this theory breaks apart when you go to Skill’s channel and see that he’s making a video about advent calendar every single day and plays with this day’s tank. Why would he play with those tanks beforehand?

    1. The videos are uploaded fairly early on each day. So he must play, record and upload beforehand. Pretty sure he himself said so in one of the videos or his stream.

      1. How can he record beforehand if he shows you the offer in the advent calendar, claims the daily mission and everything?

  8. Yeah..not worth it.. the only worthwhile tank is ts-5 which I already have and I was never interested in e-25. So glad I caved in and bought lt-432 and amx 57.

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