WoT Supertest – Projet 4-1 Changes v2

A small nerf to accuracy. Rest of the parameters remain the same.

• Aiming time: from 1.92 to 2.11 s.
• Accuracy at 100 meters: from 0.31 to 0.33

0 thoughts on “WoT Supertest – Projet 4-1 Changes v2

  1. I love the festival garage.
    I wish we had something (aka customisation) during our regular time<.<
    Its sooo boring to see the same thing all day long… and mods brake too often!

    1. so true. hope they’ll do something like that. heck, if they’d sneak this in with update 1.7, the whole update content would triple.

      1. Not going to happen.
        Remember the Minsk changes? Also not part of it.

        1.7 is in fact rushed.
        Not just was the announcement and preload today (hours apart! lol) and the release tomorrow already. BUT they have 2 bugs for the ‘anon system’ in the known issues list.

        Ever since Summer their entire plan and release sketchual is gone to hell.
        They dropped a lot of stuff to somehow release… i guess 1.65 B … or ‘1.7’ as they want to call it so they can say they did something… i suppose.

        Its an important time of year ($) and they cant miss it at any costs.
        The cost would be new content at this point…

  2. 1.7 is a bust . No Halloween and now almost nothing with the Christmas patch. No reason to even play wot this holiday season.

  3. its always the go to nerf in all tanks to nerf the aim time and dispersion (accuracy) we complain about rng being bad . So wargaming keeps nerfing tanks rng.

  4. So they are nerfing what is special about the tank, hmmm…..why would I even want it then? The turret armor? lol

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