World of Tanks – Holiday Ops 2020 (Free Gift Tank, Lootboxes, Massive XP Bonuses)

Holiday Ops 2020: Unwrap Your Presents and Get BonusesHoliday Ops 2020: Unwrap Your Presents and Get Bonuses

Holiday Ops 2020

December 13, 2019, 06:00 UTC through January 14, 2020, 06:00 UTC

Essentials and Large Decorations

When you open your Garage on December 13, you will find special gifts from me and the Snow Maidens:

  • Three Small boxes upon login
  • A rare Tier II French Premium light tank, the AMR 35, with a 100% crew and Garage slot
  • One Charge—a special event item (read below for details).

You will also notice a traditional festive set, featuring an interactive Christmas tree, Feast, Installation, and Yard. It looks charming indeed, but lacks adornments, so you can decorate just about anything you see.

Everything is like before:

  • Complete battle missions to earn boxes with decorations and valuable in-game goods;
  • Put decorations up!

In addition to classic holiday decorations, you can outfit your Garage with magical Large Decorations. You will have the opportunity to receive four Large Decorations, and each of them must be placed in its specific slot on an interactive element (the Christmas tree, the field kitchen, etc.). You can either get Large Decorations in decoration boxes, or craft them in the Large Holidron Decorider—more on that below.

Each Large Decoration will help you earn 2.5% more credits in Random Battles. This bonus will become active as soon as the Large Decoration is placed into its slot.


Invite the Snow Maidens Into Your Garage

Level up the Festive Atmosphere, and you’ll be able to invite us to your Garage! After that, we’ll immediately be ready to become your crew members for good. Each of us will visit your Garage once you reach a certain level of Festive Atmosphere.

On the topic of Festive Atmosphere, we’re giving you a helping hand. Just like an advent calendar, each day you can get a reward; log in every day to get a random decoration of a specific collection and personal missions for 5x XP.

Now let’s talk about the event in more detail.


You can decorate just about anything you see in the Garage’s Camp: the Feast, Yard, the tree (of course!). Hover over elements that can be decorated, or click individual elements for a close-up view. Use the panel to the left, in the close-up view, to navigate between interactive elements.

Remember, Commander: you can’t decorate randomly! Interactive elements have designated slots for each type of item. To begin, click the Garage element you want to embellish. Then click a slot that can be decorated to open a window containing all suitable decorations, and choose one to apply.

Festive Atmosphere

Along with the joy the process brings, decorations define your Festive Atmosphere level: the merrier and brighter your Garage looks, the higher the level of Festive Atmosphere.

Work your way up from there and enjoy even more rewards! Improving your Garage’s Atmosphere level will earn you a crate with all kinds of goodies: directives, credits, consumables, etc. Having reached certain levels of Festive Atmosphere, you can also invite one of us to visit you.

Holiday Ops 2020 Bonuses

If you took part in Holiday Ops 2019, you may remember that bonuses to credits, Free XP, Combat XP, and Crew XP were tied to one of the collections.

After looking through your feedback, we realized that there was room for improvement. You had to choose a collection based on the bonus that it brought, not your preferences. As a result, the collection that gave a bonus to credits had become the most popular, while the remaining three were less in demand and brought you less benefit.

This festive season, we decided to separate “the credit bonus” and all other bonuses. The credit bonus will remain rooted to collections, we’ll dig into the details a bit later. We’re now introducing a brand-new mechanic, the Holiday Ops Vehicles for Free XP, Combat XP, and Crew XP. Let’s take a closer look!

Holiday Ops Vehicles

During Holiday Ops 2020, you will have the opportunity to build your own Holiday Ops Vehicles consisting of up to 6 vehicles, from Tier V to X. Only researchable or reward tanks can be placed in the free slots of the branch, and these machines will receive a special bonus to the Free XP, Combat XP, or Crew XP you earn in Random Battles. The type of bonus depends on the type of vehicle!

Remember: the amount of experience bonus has a maximum and is fixed, regardless of whether you have completed your collections or not. Just place the tank in a free slot and earn more XP in each battle!

You receive slots for your Holiday Ops Vehicles for achieving Festive Atmosphere levels. In total, there are six slots for six tiers of vehicles. You receive your first slot when you reach level V of Festive Atmosphere; subsequently, for each new level achieved, you will get an additional slot.

You can change the tanks in the festive branch every 30 minutes. If, after assigning a tank to a slot, you sell it or remove it from your Garage, the slot will be freed automatically, but still frozen.

Build Collections and Get a Credit Bonus!

All the decorations you can earn are arranged into four design Collections:

  • Christmas
  • Magic New Year
  • New Year
  • Lunar New Year

Building each Collection gives you a credit bonus. The credit bonus you receive will increase incrementally as you reach certain set milestones of unique decorations collected.

Raising Festive Atmosphere further increases this bonus thanks to a special multiplier that is applied automatically. As a result, you can get a credit bonus of up to 40%. Also, don’t forget that each Large Decoration gives you another 2.5% to credits earned. Thus, your total credit bonus when playing in all Random Battles can reach up to 50%.

Complete collections, increase the level of Festive Atmosphere, and collect Large Decorations to receive the maximum Bonus to credits.
But the credit bonus is not all that the Collections bring you! Assembling a full Collection nets you an exclusive 2D-style and a unique decal. And no one said you could have only one Collection! Complete four sets to earn all four of the great 2D-styles and six decals available during Holiday Ops 2020!

All acquired decorations are listed in special albums. From Christmas toys, ornaments, and garlands to tree toppers and twinkling fairy lights, there’s a little bit for everyone’s aesthetic this year! Decorations come in all shapes and sizes and are arranged in five groups by rarity.

Level one items are the easiest to get, and level five decorations are really hard to come by. The rarer the decorations you use, the more points they add to your Festive Atmosphere, and the faster you level up.

Earning Decorations

You can obtain decorations in the following ways:

  • Completing missions in Random Battles and earning decoration boxes
  • Crafting in the Large Holidron Decorider
  • Receiving them as gifts from the Snow Maidens once a day
  • Purchasing Large Gift Boxes

Let’s dig into more details.


Completing Battle Missions

Completing festive battle missions will earn you boxes containing three random decorations and in-game items (directives, consumables, credits, etc).

If luck’s on your side, you can also find Large Decorations inside these boxes. The greater the challenge the battle mission poses, the more valuable the rewards!


Crafting Decorations

You can break decorations you don’t feel like using, and craft garlands, baubles, or other missing items for your Collections. Let me explain how it all works.

  1. Break decorations you don’t need and put the shards into the Large Holidron Decorider to get the ones your Collections lack.
  2. Set the parameters (level, type, and collection) for a decoration you really want.
  3. Check if there are enough shards and push the Craft button.

Don’t have anything in particular on your wish list? Let the Decorider surprise you—pick “Random Collection” and get right to crafting. It will cost you fewer shards compared to crafting a specific decoration.


If you want to get a decoration that you don’t have in your collection with a 100% probability, use Charges. This is a new type of event currency that you can only receive as a reward for reaching new levels of Festive Atmosphere.

Since Charges are the most reliable way to get missing decorations, it’s better to hold them until the end of the event and use them to fill the gaps in your Collections. Remember that the number of Charges is limited, so use them wisely to craft only the most necessary and rare decorations.

You can also craft Large Decorations, but you’ll need to keep two things in mind:

  1. Large Decorations will always be unique—you cannot craft one you already have.
  2. Crafting your first Large Decoration will cost less than all subsequent ones. This will allow you to get a good credit bonus from the start of the event, while using fewer shards.

Receiving Decorations as Gifts From the Snow Maidens

Another way to get decorations is to simply talk to us! Each Snow Maiden is responsible for a particular Collection, so simply click on one of us, and we will give you one random decoration from our respective Collections. But remember that we can help you with gathering decorations only once a day.


In addition, don’t forget that we provide you with daily missions for x5 XP. Click on us to get your daily random decoration, and you will instantly receive as many x5 missions as there are Snow Maidens in your Garage.

Gift Boxes

No time to collect decorations? No worries! Check out these Large Boxes full to the brim with decorations and valuable in-game items to treat fellow tankers with!

Each Box contains one fifth-level decoration and one random decoration. We’ve also stuffed these Boxes with all kinds of delights, from gold and WoT Premium Account time to rare Premium vehicles and brand-new 3D-styles.


The 2018–2019 Collections: A Second Chance

If you didn’t have a chance to complete the Collections for Holiday Ops 2018 and/or 2019, now you can. You will have to first reach Festive Atmosphere level X, then you can start using shards to craft the missing items for your Collections and get all eight styles as a reward. But you’ll need to hurry—after January 13, this opportunity will be gone!

Event Extension

Finally, to make the holidays truly enjoyable for you, my faithful Snow Maidens and I have decided to extend the effect of the Holiday Ops Vehicles from January 14 (06:00 UTC) through February 1  (06:00 UTC), and apply to it the maximum credit bonus you will achieve during the event.

However, remember that:

  • the extension only takes effect if you’ve reached Festive Atmosphere level V or higher.
  • the credit bonus applies only to vehicles that are currently placed in your Holiday Ops Vehicles slots.
  • you can change each tank in the branch once a day for free, but additional changes will require you to spend a few credits.