World of Tanks – 1.7 Common Test – 3rd Iteration


We continue to test changes in the upcoming update – today the third stage begins.

  • Fixed a bug that blocked the passage of the training ground when choosing any skills except the Sixth Sense for the commander.
  • Fixed a bug due to which the player’s name was not displayed in the invitation to join the platoon if the players of this platoon did not interact with each other after authorization on the server.
  • Fixed a bug with the jumps of the central marker in the sniper scope during the operation of the system for automatic calculation of the elevation angle of the gun.
  • Fixed a bug due to which session statistics did not take into account the application of a controlled bonus to the experience.
  • Fixed some localization errors.
  • Some technical bugs fixed.

0 thoughts on “World of Tanks – 1.7 Common Test – 3rd Iteration

    1. Wanna know why?
      It is tied to the CHAT SYSTEM… which is broken.
      Its software from the beta which was ONLY meant for dev use for comminaction

      A left over so to say…
      thats it. the pathetic truth

    1. QB is an average player and a huge WG fanboy. He never complains about what WG is doing to the game and I’m pretty sure that all other big streamers and better players than him have complained about hidden stats even before he knew they existed.

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