WoT Sandbox – Rebalancing Artillery and Their Shells


Commanders, the Sandbox server will be launched on November 25 to continue testing the global shell rebalance, and will be up until December 9.

In previous iterations, we assessed the changes to all shell types for non-SPG vehicles. Now it’s time to move forward; in the upcoming version, we will keep all the changes from previous iterations and Thank you to all those who participated in the previous test. The data we received and your perceptions have proved to be extremely valuable.

The new test iteration will include changes to SPGs.

In this Sandbox iteration, we will not change the parameters of the economy, Personal Missions, or the display of players’ statistics. We will get to them only after finishing the work on shell rebalancing.

Our Plans for the Test

Under the conditions that have been previously tested on the Sandbox, the parameters of SPGs became completely irrelevant. The results of the previous tests support this conclusion. Thus, they require changes. The main goals of these changes are:

  • Adjusting this vehicle type in accordance with the global shell rebalance. After all the changes to non-SPG vehicles, the parameters of SPGs became completely irrelevant, necessitating a proper rebalance.
  • Adding gameplay variability to this vehicle type. The current SPG shell types actually duplicate each other, which doesn’t provide new tactical opportunities when choosing between them. We want to remedy this situation.
  • Decrease the total duration of the stun.
  • Decrease the damage share caused by SPGs.

Planned Changes to SPGs

To achieve the stated goals, the SPG shells need to be rebalanced. There will be three types of shell for the test, and the changes will be tested on SPGs of Tier VI and higher. Each shell type will have its own purpose: stun, high damage, or high penetration value.

  • Standard shells: HE shells that stun and cause a relatively small amount of damage. The damage values are taken from the live server. It does not consider the increased HP pool of vehicles on the Sandbox server. That means in terms of the percentage of the total HP pool, such shells will cause less damage.
  • Special shells: HE shells that have increased damage per shot in comparison to standard shells, but without the stun effect. They have a higher penetration value and a large burst radius. Nominal damage per shot is increased by approximately 15% in comparison to standard shells. The percentage of damage caused by such shells is supposed to be the same as the percentage caused by SPGs on the live server.
  • Alternative shells: These shells have a high penetration value and significantly lower, but predictable, damage if the shell penetrates. Basically, they will be like AP shells, but a small share of them can be HEAT shells. These shells will not stun.
This time we are assessing the statistical results of the changes, as well as your feedback regarding the SPG rebalancing that we have suggested with this iteration. Therefore, your feedback will be extremely important for us. We would really like you to play and personally assess the idea of the rebalance, considering all the changes that are being tested on the Sandbox server.

Our Expectations

We want players to have a choice. Depending on the situation in battle, players should choose between the ability to stun enemies, cause more damage, or penetrate enemy armor. The possibility of choosing between a shell that causes lower damage and stuns, and a shell that causes more damage but does not stun, should together decrease the share of both parameters: stun and damage. The player’s performance using SPGs will directly depend on the ability to choose a shell type that best suits the current game situation.

In short: The share of damage caused by SPGs should decrease or remain the same, but the total stun duration should significantly decrease.

Additional Features of the Rebalanced SPGs

  • Shells for SPGs will be rebalanced starting from Tier VI.
  • If the gun of an SPG is not used on vehicles above Tier V, or the gun does not have a standard stunning HE shell, the gun will not be rebalanced (no shells will be added).
  • If the gun uses a special HE shell, then it simply loses the stun effect. All other parameters of such shells will remain unchanged, but at the same time the average damage per shot will increase by about 15% in comparison to the damage per shot of the standard shell. In other words, the previous special HE shell will be brought into line with the new concept (it will no longer stun and receives increased damage per shot).
  • The special ammo of the Premium SPGs are represented by HEAT (for the 105 leFH18B2) and AP (for the Sexton I) shells. The parameters of these shells will remain unchanged.
Other shell parameters (penetration value, burst radius, shell velocity) will not be changed. SPGs will keep the current mechanics of causing damage with HE shells.

We want to keep the current HE shell mechanics for SPGs in this Sandbox iteration. Why? The testing of HE shells for other vehicle types is still ongoing and changing these parameters for SPGs will definitely affect the entire testing stage due to the considerable difference between the HE shells of SPGs and those of other vehicle types.

Our immediate goal is to check how shell type variety will affect the statistics of SPGs without changing their HE shell mechanics. It is assumed that such a change could not be applied along with the existing changes to other vehicles. The burst radius of HE shells used by SPGs is much bigger, so the focus is not on the damage caused by these shells.

Therefore at this stage of testing, new HE shell mechanics for SPGs would not be appropriate. Nevertheless, it is still possible that it will be implemented for SPGs, but will require additional testing in the future.

Test Format

The test will be held on the separate Sandbox server. All players can participate in the test. You just need to download the test client via the link or in WGC.

The server will have accelerated progression and special missions that will additionally speed up your progression through the Tech Tree.

The final stage of the shell rebalance will be tested when we assess these complex changes, taking into account all vehicle types. Your participation and feedback will be extremely important for the future of World of Tanks. We ask you to download the client and personally check out the revised characteristics of vehicles and the rebalanced SPGs in particular. We’d also like to know what you think of the new Battle Results interface.

Battle Results

The revised Battle Results interface will also be available on the Sandbox server.

0 thoughts on “WoT Sandbox – Rebalancing Artillery and Their Shells

    1. I can\’t complain. I can usually deal with it well enough, but when 3 platooned arties focus you at the same time you\’re suddenly reminded \”Oh yeah, that\’s right, SPG\’s are fucking stupid\”.

      1. \”when 3 platooned arties focus you at the same time\”

        3? How? How often?

        \”you’re suddenly reminded “Oh yeah, that’s right, SPG’s are stupid”\”

        Perhaps the anonymizer will reduce SPG focus. I hope WG allows time to evaluate the effects of that change before adjusting other parameters.

        1. “when 3 platooned arties focus you at the same time”
          Tell me the last time that happened.. Artillery can not make a platoon since a long long time.

            1. It\’s normal to assume they are in kahoots, they generally fire at the same person. What tanks do you drive when focused?

  1. \”the parameters of SPGs became completely irrelevant\”

    Let\’s just nerf them even more. Great logic WG.

  2. Remove the class

    What is this cycle
    \”remove AP, reduce pen, reduce damage, add stun, now add back AP, add back high-pen high-DMG no-stun HE, nerf stun\”

    They\’re basically bringing back the old arty while keeping the ability to stun in.

    Also I thought the HE rebalance had a \”0mm pen\” status meaning you couldn\’t pen any HE shot. Why do they add \”HE shells with higher pen\” to arty then. So à KV-2 cannot pen its HE shot on a hell at anymore but the M44 can still do it?

    1. Yes because it\’s fair to compare a Heavy decently armored tank who can flank enemies to a stationary low hp no armour arty limited to open areas. DERP.

      1. What do you need armor for when you can hit tanks outside of render range.

        Heavy tanks are at risk of getting shot. Arty can just camp behind a house and three bushes and hit the ennemy cap.

  3. Seems to be a return to the old times, except this time instead of premium HE with increased splash, we will get low-damage HE that cause stun.

    We\’ll have to see if we\’ll even get a choice (that is, if high damage HE and/or AP/HEAT are considered gold ammo, then the \”choice\” will only be on paper, at least for some players), but I\’d rather get slapped harder than deal with that craptastic stun mechanic.

    Also, they should avoid making non-HE shells oneshots.

  4. Some tactical choices to do! Nice! I would love to see more. As a smoke grenade (like in fl but you fire it) or some poisonous radius shell. Doesn’t exist but it would definitely make the arties more skillfull 😉 by having such choices to do you must really decide what to do to help allies and influence the battle! What do you think about?

  5. There are 5 lines of arty.
    I bet that one will be good with stun HE
    Another one will be good with special HE
    Another one will be great with alternate shells.
    A fourth one will be good at all three but not as good as the 3 specialized lines above with their respective shells.
    And the french one will be the worse, but still have great mobility and the tier 10 autoloader to compensate.

    Just my bet…

    1. the t92 for damage, Conq for stun, obj261 for AP, GWE for balanced all three, BC for shit at a cost. i think you nailed it.

  6. Don\’t you worry now that everyone is ANONYMOUS the artillery will NOT SHOOT YOU!!!

    As we know… (By the geeewwddd commenters…) Artillery only shoots unicums.

    No one else! Hahaaaaaa!
    Victory is ours!!

    JK u\’r ded.

    Serious mode:
    I appreciate the attempt to make the disc last more unique and valuable.
    I would like to do more than find angles… The balance types promise a lot more depth like in the old days.

    Perhaps they even buff that garbage 155 50? One can still dream.

    1. Lorraine 155 50 is a good one what you talking about? With its insane mobility you can relocate and shoot enemies at different angles, especially at late game scenarios

  7. \”Our Expectations
    We want players to have a choice. Depending on the situation in battle, players should choose between the ability to stun enemies, cause more damage, or penetrate enemy armor.\”



    theres simpy nothing to choose if your main question is still \”CAN I AFFORD IT?\”

    no PREMIUM SHELLS ANYMORE !! THats what you need to change mainly ! o

          1. and that is NOT something positive like i said
            and the worst part is…this can be kept for live servers too

  8. So the arty gets to keep penetrating HE rouds as well as new high penetration HE while everything else gets those stupid splash only HE shells? How is that fair in any way?!

  9. Who in their right mind, will ever use the Stun-Shells? Right now, stun is only relevant when multiple artilleries focus one target and it\’s otherwise completely incidental, because neither can you stun a target for a relevant amount of time, nor can you make sure that a stun actually sticks, thanks to regenerating med packs.

  10. I am scumbag SPG player at times (for missions).
    Yes we focus on one target, they could be the OP tank in team, or in dominant map position, or just the only exposed hittable tank.

    I don\’t use xvm, I despise it, so I\’ve never focused with other SPG players based on someones stats.

    I will drop any use of stun shells and only use the high damage ones, because despite WG idea of a \”team effort for victory\” the game is all about ME, MYSELF AND I, when it comes to xp, credits and damage.

    Do I get a share of the top players credits or xp, for helping them out so much?. Not so much.

    Now with team damage removed the scramble, the shoving, the ramming, the pushing, the shot blocking is REAL.

    LOL when you\’re in a JPZE100 and lining up multiple targets and teammate who deals 300 dmg per shot parks right in front of your gun.

    There will be a use to switch to stun shells, but only if you want others to collect all the yummy xp and credits, in exchange for a win. And the penalty to switch shells has always been too much for me in both WoT and WoWS, I never ever have taken the crew skill for it in any tank or ship.

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