World of Tanks – Long Deserved Reward 2019 – FAQ

Q: When will the distribution of awards for the previous promotion period end?
A: Distribution will end at 9:00 Moscow time on December 1, 2019, so hurry.

Q: When will the new distribution begin?
A: You can receive new awards from 9:00 Moscow time on November 28, 2019.

Q: When is the full announcement? When will you talk about all the gifts?
A: A full announcement with a complete list of all awards will be made on November 28th.

Q: Will the T-50-2 be available this year?
A: Yes, that’s right, this tank, as well as its unique style, will remain as a reward this year, but with one caveat – you can only get them if they were not picked up as part of the previous distribution.

Q: Will Super Hellcat be a reward this year?
A: Yes, this is one of the awards of the new stage of the Honored Award.

Q: Is Super Hellcat a premium or promotional car?
A: This is a promotional car.

Q: In general, will the other awards be different from the previous ones?                           A: Yes, this year the awards are new. Their full list will be announced on November 28th.

Q: Will the way of distribution will remain the same?
A: Yes, the distribution will remain the same.

Q: Has my age in the game changed after a year?
A: Of course, you have become a year older with all the ensuing consequences.

0 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Long Deserved Reward 2019 – FAQ

  1. \”Q: In general, will the other awards be different from the previous ones?
    A: Yes, this year the awards are new.\”

    I really hope they won\’t stop giving away bonds

    1. Me too. I was counting on those 5.000 bonds they handed out last year to got a nice tank from the bond shop.

  2. new awards this year mmmh interesting ! really cause last year we had Bonds, credits and the T50-2 with some badges or stickers for the garage. really interesting to see what they prepare. I hope bonds still in the rewards this is today much more interesting as credits or gold.

  3. So for the people who got the T-50-2 last year but barely missed the style, are they gonna give out the style now? Because it\’d be really shitty if people who didn\’t log in until now (hence being a year older) would get both while everyone who only got the tank last year would get nothing…

    1. No. Because the style was for anyone that made an account before Dec 31st 2012, and it\’s still the 2018 package. That you did not claim it is not gonna change that last date to Dec 31st 2013 for the skin. And if they did. It would again be really shitty for those that already claimed it last year, and now suddenly missed out. So that works both ways.

  4. Can\’t see us getting bonds as a reward this year with the introduction of the new shop, sadly.

    1. I thought QB already realized the made a complete fool of himself by rushing to conclusions thinking it was only made for him and the top 1%, and going back on most of it. Then again, the stats won\’t be hidden post-battle. Nor do I doubt it will make a huge difference if you see if you got raped by a tomato or a unicorn. Be him QB, or Choppedbuns_43 undercover.

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