WoT – Legacy Game Launcher is finally Obsolete

If you still use the legacy game launcher instead of Wargaming’s brand new shining Wargaming Game Client, World of Tanks is impossible to launch.

This action is permanent, with Wargaming intending to push their Game Client to their audience, as it is far easier to maintain.

0 thoughts on “WoT – Legacy Game Launcher is finally Obsolete

  1. Is there still a chance to play the game in windows xp,it worked fine until today with this new game center.

        1. Contact microsoft and tell them you can not find your Code for windows, Problem solved, Then all you need is a copy of windows 7

    1. It has nothing to do with WGC as WG themselves discontinued support for Windows XP a few months ago long before this WGC changeover. Most game developers have long since abandoned XP years ago and the only reason WG hung on for so long is because of how many users still used XP.

      Your only option if you want to continue playing is to upgrade your OS

  2. I could not launch the game with the new game center. Tried uninstalling everything, but now, I cannot even download the game ๐Ÿ™ sad.

    1. This might be due to the use of Torrent to download the client. I used a VPN, because my ISP was blocking the download and it went without a hitch.

    1. Dont worry, bots are STILL ONLINE.
      Had games with 6 in 1 game (per side) … nice if you have 42% wr with 30k games, right? 200wn8 is not suspicious. Neither using a heavy (IS2) to snipe from bush!)

      So nothing has changed.

  3. Nice, I cant launch the game anymore, the shitty WGC does not work on my college internet. Any ways to go around that garbage app?

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