WoT Supertest – Object 752 Changes

Yesterday, Object 752 has received a different iteration on the supertest. 752 was deemed far too strong and has been nerfed accordingly.

Performance buffs are highlighted.

– Average penetration down from 256 to 248
– Autoloader reload from 25.12 to 28.76 s.
– Average damage per minute from 2586 to 2311.
– Gun spread when turning the chassis from 0.18 to 0.24


– Armor of the upper frontal plate from 300 to 152
– Armor of hull sides from 55 to 140
– Upper frontal turret armor from 290 to 330
– Side turret armor from 320 to 150


– Engine power down from 790 to 635
– Specific power from 17.4 to 13.99 hp/t.
– Maximum forward speed from 50 to 40 km/h.


– Concealment while stationary from 6.84 / 1.23 to 7.41 / 1.33
– Concealment while stationary 34.2 / 6.16 to 3.71 / 0.67 (This stat seems overly excessive in the first place, WG might have implemented wrong values when tank came out, these are now proper)

0 thoughts on “WoT Supertest – Object 752 Changes

  1. – Armor of the upper frontal plate from 300 to 152… they made HT with 300 frontal upper armor… really WG?

    1. cause bringing what was promised doesnt make as much money as a brand new pay to win tank <3 you gotta love the WG

    2. Did you heard about the Obj 279 (e)?
      Well… not raw 300mm armor, but effective armor is not that far from 300 lol

    1. I know all of you can figure out the bottom \”Concealment while stationary\” is actually movement camo.

      1. Does this guy have standard ammo as APCR??? The largest problem I had with this tank was the 2.75 Intra-Clip, it seems they are going to stick with it. We need to sell our Kranvagns. (don\’t)

  2. «– Armor of hull sides from 55 to 140»

    there\’s nothing wrong with buffing what needs to be buffed but, why is it that only on Soviet tanks do we see a 150+% buff to the armor?
    wouldn\’t 100mm be enough?

  3. Nerf to standard pen was unnecessary, the M62 gun has been a thing in Tier 9 for years.

    Turret still too strong (stronger than front of T95 lol), as is UFP (front shape reminds me of 53TP and that thing can get pretty strong when you use the gun depression).

    Dispersion, clip reload and mobility nerfs all good.

  4. Its still incredibly formidable. more than other nations.
    330mm frontal turret armour and a BUFF of side hull armour to 150mm.

    We have a new peekaboo king.
    ALL BOW.

    Oh, and your premium ammo won\’t work on the sides of its hull, coz russian baby!.
    You will have to use HE…OH WAIT?!?.

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