World of Tanks Halloween event – DELAYED!

Although the world is celebrating halloween tomorrow, WG has “technical problems” and the event had to be delayed:

Ladies and Gentlemen.
Unfortunately, we have a departure from Halloween for technical reasons. I am very sorry about this on behalf of the team – we would really prefer the mode to work without problems and on time, but sometimes it is simply impossible.
More information (we will provide) in the near future. “

Well, it wouldn’t be WG if something worked properly.

0 thoughts on “World of Tanks Halloween event – DELAYED!

  1. \”We started too late, we rushed it, we found a bug that we can\’t solve in the time remaining, and now we\’re fucked. Or actually, it\’s you players that are fucked because we\’re delaying the event. Meanwhile you can purchase our new premium tank. Sounds good, right?\”

    Classical WG 😀

  2. Seriously, are you pretending that you do always everything right? If not, I don\’t think you have the right to tell \”it wouldn\’t be WG …\”.
    I honestly prefer telling me in advance that there are problems on the way – such things happen always and everywhere, so no need for such comments …

  3. Well played…..another prize winning balls up! You are getting really good at this nonsense WG, keep it up.

  4. lol, that\’s the 3rd event in 2 months that had to be delayed due to technical issues. Makes it seem it the \”go to\” excuse atm.

  5. \”the world is celebrating halloween tomorrow\” – did I miss something? I would think that most of the world could not care less about halloween to begin with. And why do you guys get mad about it? Like what\’s the big deal of having an event start later?

    1. It is current meta to get mad about WG with any opportunity. So join or you\’re out!
      Cannot understand as well … but as OP already biased readers …

  6. In case you have forgotten, it\’s Spring. WG had announced before that bond shop was coming in Spring of 2019.
    I\’m glad that now I know when it is Spring.
    Ever since I have been playing WoT, I can\’t remember anything that worked as intended, or arrived exactly on time. Excpet for, of course, premium bundles. The only department in WG that\’s working as intended.

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