7 thoughts on “WoT RU 1.27: Battle Pass Season 14 – E 50 Ausf. M, M-V-Y, Controcarro 3 Minotauro

  1. you can say what you want about RU, but they do make pretty God tier 3D Styles.
    And EU get Turtle childish crap.

      1. Praising RU is same as same as Supporting Putin

        Their taxes funds the Russia-Ukraine wars

        1. In this article we are talking about a cosmetic item that looks good. And you come straight to war and supporters.

          Are you a little man with a tiny beard above your upper lip? Whose idol wanted to cross the border 80 years ago?

          Do you live in the forest? I don’t think so, since you have access to the internet. So you pay taxes, no matter in which EU country. And these taxes also go towards financing the war, whether you like it or not.

          keep your assumptions and accusations to yourself

          1. Hey vatnik, i remind you that YOUR country started this war, YOUR country invaded another country.
            And speaking about little men, we prefer to talk about the current one who crossed the border of Ukraine, because guess what, the one from 80 years ago is a little bit dead. I know, it is shocking , but he lost the war loooooooong ass fucking time ago. Now all that remains is that Botox Daddy to follow him too.
            Don’t worry about our taxes, worry about YOUR taxes and especially worry that you soon will be conscripted. And if you don’t want to be conscripted you better pray to lose this war soon, dumbass.

    1. Do they have a theme? Or is it more on “just slap on random ass stuff on the tank to make it look cool” styles?

      1. I’d rather support Putin, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia than the corrupt western agenda 2030 wef globalists

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