WoT Supertest: E 77

The E 77, a German Tier IX Premium heavy tank designed to break enemy lines on the front line. This vehicle was a unique experiment for German engineers who tried out new ideas in the engine compartments, chassis, and transmission.

They aimed to make it less bulky than traditional German tanks, resulting in a lower profile.

These changes have greatly improved the E 77, making it a standout example of a smaller German breakthrough heavy tank. It boasts decent armor, with the front plate measuring over 130 mm thick and the turret packing a hefty 290 mm of armor. Armed with a renowned German 12.8 cm gun, it delivers an impressive 460 HP of damage per shot and offers 261 mm of armor penetration with a standard AP shell, making it a formidable opponent on the battlefield.

10 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: E 77

  1. so Wargaming is delving into “fanmade” fakes
    this is remarkably similar to the famous E79 Vk 66.01
    if I had to take a guess the fact that design is proprietary by ASCII Corporation, meant that they had to make something it is different enough to not get sued
    pretty much like Rockstar did for the cars in GTA
    what comes next?
    the Krokodil?

  2. Looks incredibly weird and out of place compared to all other German heavy tanks, it even resembles the TL-7 tank destroyer.

    1. it is probably based on the fake E79 VK 66.01 from a video game by ASCII Corporation

      https:// worldoftanks. asia/en/news/history/warspot-mythical-tanks/#:~:text=E%2D79%20Schwartzwolf%20VK%2066.01

  3. 290 turret front ofc, standard rounds wont pen it, but prem rounds will go right through, perfect design, the exact same as the chinese rocket heavy in tier 9. so fucking obvious how they are only willing to balance tanks around premium rounds. and there are still people who cry about others spamming gold lmao

  4. Is it just me or this tank is sth like AMX M4 E77? The turret seems exactly like the one on M4 54 (but will have less mantlet armour).

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