World of Tanks Supertest – Pearl River (more detail)

More News About Pearl River on the Supertest


The general idea behind the redesign is to reduce the map’s linearity for more gameplay variety. Based on this key concept, two versions are currently in the works.


Option 1:

  • The central hill with houses has been reworked to be one of the main spots. Now you can take control over it and oversee a considerable part of the map.
  • The houses under the hill have either been removed or moved onto the hill to prevent heavy player separation in this direction.
  • The entire south-west has been opened up to allow quick attacks and flank manoeuvres as well as concealment.
  • The mountains near the bases are now defensive spots.

Option 2:

  • There are no more bushes on this map, now only trees can be used for concealment.
  • We added a passage to connect the flank for heavy tanks with the centre, as well as more safe passages along the edges of the map connecting to each base.
  • Now you can partially traverse the mountains near the bases and use these spots for defence.
  • All buildings in the village centre can be destroyed.
  • The terrain was flattened, allowing you to retreat more safely.
  • A previously impassable mountain is now accessible.