World of Tanks – Wargaming, could you stop robbing players?

Before we begin, I must apologize for this non-standard content as I have tried my best to maintain a neutral stance regardless of what happens in the industry, as neutral journalism (if you can call blogging as journalism) is something I aspire to do.

So recently, this has come to my attention.

The emblem is given away with the purchase of the TL-1 LPC, however, the description indicates the emblem is given away to those who earned their right to own the tank via some kind of an event, and considering Wargaming’s hints towards tank marathons beginning with Fall, this means one thing – Wargaming has cancelled the TL-1 marathon in order to sell the vehicle for a premium price.

While it’s not something that we can’t expect from Wargaming, it’s truly very underwhelming that content is being robbed from players just for the company to get some extra sales.

Wargaming, you own a gaming monopoly and can do whatever you want within your ecosystem, we understand, but don’t forget that without the community you would be nothing, and happy players stick around, and happy players is something you have been missing for the past several years.