World of Tanks – Wargaming, could you stop robbing players?

Before we begin, I must apologize for this non-standard content as I have tried my best to maintain a neutral stance regardless of what happens in the industry, as neutral journalism (if you can call blogging as journalism) is something I aspire to do.

So recently, this has come to my attention.

The emblem is given away with the purchase of the TL-1 LPC, however, the description indicates the emblem is given away to those who earned their right to own the tank via some kind of an event, and considering Wargaming’s hints towards tank marathons beginning with Fall, this means one thing – Wargaming has cancelled the TL-1 marathon in order to sell the vehicle for a premium price.

While it’s not something that we can’t expect from Wargaming, it’s truly very underwhelming that content is being robbed from players just for the company to get some extra sales.

Wargaming, you own a gaming monopoly and can do whatever you want within your ecosystem, we understand, but don’t forget that without the community you would be nothing, and happy players stick around, and happy players is something you have been missing for the past several years.

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  1. Maybe it was a mistranslate from russian. Check the russian too pls.
    Anyhow. I glad it was not another marathon, cuz I always pay real money for the last quarter of it, cuz I want to finish, but I don\’t have that much time. So because it is full priced prem tank, I didn\’t buy it and I saved my money from wg. So thank wg, i think.

    1. Became the owner of a/Earned the/Won the premium tank TL-1 LPC complete with a three-dimensional style \”Pretty Fly\”

  2. I am Jack\’s total lack of surprise.

    One solid rule with this company is when greed comes to fight against generosity or common sense, greed always wins. They respect the players about as much as a pig farmer respects the live stock.

    But what else is new? I noticed the \”typo\” but it should be ignored, they can\’t give a 50% discount on consumables, god forbid any gold rewards, so they will dish out tier 8 tanks?

  3. Another thing that stinks is that the tank was on sale for two weeks, just like all the other marathon tanks.

  4. oh..such a problem…world almost can not exist untill this is fixed…:))
    WG and happy players…what a old dream is it right now…
    and no, its not this what make players happy…

    what about some BALANCE? some TRUTH, NOT LIES, especially about P2W ??
    thats what would make players happy…not a stupid emblem…

  5. I went to work. I earned money. I gave some to Wargaming and got the tank. Ipso facto I earned the tank. #Wargaminglogic

  6. The game is no longer growing, so WG isn’t being ‘nice’ to lure new players. Because growth has become stagnant or reduced, they’ve made the decision to switch over to ‘extract as much money as possible’ mode. It’s now all about monetization and extracting all the money they can, while they can.
    It’s a good time to not spend any more on WoT.. because the more they sell, the more they’ll view the change from customer-friendly to monetization-friendly as a success and the ball will roll faster.

  7. Well, they did say in a Q&A a few months back, that there would be no Marathon until Sept. But for all we know, it could be a contract issue with the label vs anything else by “giving it away“. That is not the first time, even for WOT.

  8. They are shooting themselves in the foot. Between messing with tanks to than three tier battle b.s. I and my 4 buddys are bout done after 5 years of hoping. Looking at other game options.

  9. gj sir more people like you need to stand up for the players in wot. Sick of getting robbed and sad the game is dying bc all wargaming cares about is its wallet. Still no bond shop .

  10. Looks like an ad-hoc decision from WG to sell it instead of doing a marathon. On the german forums moderators have been surprised that it has been released – without the regular “give-it-to-youtubers-and-CCs-and-let-the-hype-train-roll“ movement. Maybe Craig Fryar and his bigdata team dug out, that revenue can be increased while the playerbase is ok in autumn to make a fast shekel. I am pretty sure it was intended to be a marathon.

  11. Dude there is tournament in 4 days to earn it for free if you place in top #1, not big deal.

  12. You expect to give away a such nice modeled tank, which got a very famous rock band attached to it… which too did voice acting for the thing? (all of which happened for free) so did the stage show and remixes. ahem.

    ……. and all that based on a random medal which MAY indicates they thought about it?

    Ah yes. Let me just call the nice people with those fuzzy warm jackets…

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