WoT EU – (Auto)reload the Soviet Way with the IS-3A



In the mid-fifties, the Soviets imagined a speculative design for a brand-new loading mechanic. Although it existed only on blueprints, this double-row ammo rack complemented by an automatic loading system was supposed to be issued to the T-10 and IS-3 tanks – hence our lovely and dangerous IS-3A. Protected by a thick turret armour, this mammoth of steel packs a massive punch thanks to its 3-round auto-reloading gun! Try it now: we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Supreme – 99.99

Ultimate – 69.99

Standard – 43.94

  • VIII IS-3A
  • 100% Trained Crew
  • Garage Slot

0 thoughts on “WoT EU – (Auto)reload the Soviet Way with the IS-3A

    1. well, i bought it, and i played a battle, and till now i hit a strv from like 200 m, 2 shots from 3. the only problem with it is that is slow. and that it burns (i use food), i got burned by a vk… so you really need to train your crew with fire fighting skill 🙂

      1. You can try using those (otherwise) useless firefighting directives that you can win for free by the hundreds in Frontlines. No need to waste crew skills on firefighting.

        1. i don’t play frontline and i have the crew from is2 berlin, with bia , it won’t be that hard to train firefighting skill …. + we have crew books so it will be easy

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