WoT EU -Brawl the Soviet Way with the IS-2M



Did you know that the IS-2 remained in service until the mid-nineties? Quite impressive, right? Well, the IS-2M helped with that. Developed during the fifties, this modernisation of the iconic Soviet tank receive a new engine, more ammo, a different shape, and even night-vision devices. You don’t need the latter in World of Tanks, but we’re sure you’ll put the decent mobility, the good armour and the devastating punches of this Tier VII heavy tank to good use.

  • VII IS-2M
  • 2,750 Gold
  • 100% crew
  • Garage Slot
  •  WoT Premium Account: 30 days
  • 15×missions: x5 XP for each victory
  • 15×Personal Reserves: +200% Crew XP for 2 hours