WoT NA – Steel Hunter: Say NO to Teaming


We hope you are enjoying our new Battle Royale game mode, Steel Hunter!

Unfortunately, it has been brought to our attention that some tankers are not completely embracing the fairness of the arena, and prefer to team up with other solo players/platoons in order to gain an unfair advantage. Therefore, we have decided to introduce a special rule against teaming.

What is Teaming?

Teaming: Refers to forming teams outside what is allowed by the Steel Hunter mode.
Intentional teaming between players or other teams in ways that the Steel Hunter game mode does not presuppose is considered unsportsmanlike behavior, and penalties will be imposed.

This rule is effective immediately.

Penalties for Teaming Offenses

  • 1st attempt: 3 days’ game ban
  • 2nd attempt: 7 days’ game ban
  • 3rd attempt: Game ban until the end of Steel Hunter; minimum of 7 days (may continue even after the end of the event)

How to Report Teaming Offenses

Since Steel Hunter doesn’t allow in-game replays, the only way to report Teaming offenses is through stream recordings.

Please send a ticket to our Customer Support team with the following information:

  • Reported player IGNs
  • Link to a stream video (Youtube, Twitch, etc) with timestamp (e.g. from XX:00 ~ XX:00) of the relevant offense
  • Screenshot of the final leaderboard of the match


All reports will be duly investigated and dealt with at Wargaming’s discretion. Let’s keep the game clean and fair together!

Happy Steel Hunting, and may the RNG be ever in your favor!

0 thoughts on “WoT NA – Steel Hunter: Say NO to Teaming

  1. Fairly week response imo as it should be a 2 strike rule similar to how they punished T22 riggers. Give em a 7 day ban for first offense then perma ban for the second.

  2. A. make a stupid half cooked game mode
    B. the few players who play it, start exploiting bad planning
    C. blame the players, bans and No Teaming!

    How about, for once, the devs are to blame?

      1. If you can\’t see it, there\’s no point explaining it.

        But I will try: If you make a game that has exploitable faults, you are doing it wrong, The faults should have been discovered and eliminated in QC stage, not by plea to the crowd later.

        Bad planning is the missing/poor QC stage, players exploiting the above mentioned faults are not the ones to be banned.

        I must say that personally I have never been banned, maybe because I tend to play by the rules. But in this case, rules were mentioned a few days after the game opened.

  3. Ahhhh… I see. You have to be streaming to report Teaming offenses. Whew. Good thing the majority of players are also streamers. Totally legit and well thought out.

  4. Well, WG more or less promoted this on their stream. When eekeeboo and swift teamed up and attacked everyone else as a \”team\” when showing the mode. So what do they expect?

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