Wargaming’s new FPS Caliber – pay up to get instant access to closed beta + premium characters!


Each package costs from 500 rubles (~7 euros) to 5000 rubles (~69 euros). The base access to Beta costs 500  rubles(7 euros), while new operators (Russian sniper Falcon and assault trooper Raven, German medic “Shatc” and American support fighter Bourbon each cost 1250 rubles (~17 euro), or you can buy an all in one package for a grand total of 70 euros.

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  1. Don\’t do it. There is a risk it will flop like Total War: Arena and World of Tanks: Generals did and you will just waste your money.

    1. You’re only scratching the surface of their failures…

      – WoWP = rushed to release in astate that EA would be ashamed of and this game crashed and burned to the point that years later they rebuilt it and it didn’t attract any new players due to War Thunder already dominating the market for arcade air combat…..FAILURE

      – WoWS = This is the one and only time in this list where you’ll see they did something right but even then the game hasn’t been a big success like they wanted….MILD SUCCESS

      – Project Excalibur aka Modern WoT = This was supposed to be a second game seperate to WoT with modern vehicles. Its unknown as to why this project was cancelled but its speculated that much of the graphical improvements for it were utilized in WoT’s 1.0 update. https://old.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/8sk868/the_game_wg_seattle_was_working_on_excalibur/….CANCELLED

      – Total War Arena = Game had a lot of potential but it was ruined quickly by teams just wolfpacking one army at a time and quickly winning. On top of this the artillery(catapaults, Ballista, Trebuchet) killed as many allies as they did enemies. Supposedly this game was cancelled because player interest quickly fell off during the beta as many saw that the meta likely would never change and the game didn’t have a lot of depth to it….FAILURE

      – Master of Orion: Conquer The Stars = This while technically a WG title it was developed by a recently aquired developer and not WG’s own dev team. It was merely published by WG so it was actually a fairly good game but it received a fairly lukewarm reception. The developer iirc was basically scrapped after the failure of this game and folded over into other projects https://store.steampowered.com/app/298050/Master_of_Orion/?snr=1_7_15__13….FAILURE

      – World of Tanks Generals = Yet another card game in a market flooded with card games but dominated by only 2 to 3 already. End result is this didn’t last longer than probaly 3 months before it was cancelled….FAILURE

      – Pagan Online = Its a isometrict(top down view) diablo like game and it wasn’t very well made I mean it was Chinese mobile game quality bad….FAILURE.

  2. There was one more game, with Mechs and such. I tried it a few years ago. Can\’t remember the name. Was very bland.

    Master of Orion was/is great and I am glad they released it. Its very much like the original MOO games, with updated graphics and interface. It doesn\’t have a lot of depth/variety once you play a couple of campaigns, and the difficulty falls off once you get through the initial gold rush turns, and out-research everyone else. But I still have a soft spot for it due to my childhood gaming memories with the original series.

  3. One good game that is both the cash cow and the unloved foster child, they insist on diversifying and pouring tons of cash into multiple fail projects, while WOT gets neglected and worked slow.

    It may be a tax thing, who knows. They fail to understand that players are actually investors, and won\’t like to see the invested time, effort to real cash go down the fail drain. Sure enough people lose trust in WG\’s projects, could you imagine \”Don\’t do it…\” warnings in WOWP start times?

  4. I enjoy World of Tanks for what it is, warts and all. That said, I\’ll never fully commit to another Wargaming product as their business practices are far too aggressive for my tastese. I\’ve spent enough money over the years (mostly enjoying) World of Tanks that they\’ve scared me away from ever trying anything else. It was my first an up to now only \’free to play\’ game.

    Besides, an online shooting game featuring infantry… Plenty of those around! Even F2P ones!

  5. No.

    There are plenty of FPS games already (and most of them are bad).

    I suspect it will be no different, dominated by M16A3/4, people complaining about GLs and strictly no vehicles.

    1C Company should stick with planes, not never with WG, much less in an FPS game.

    Its primary audience is Russian. This doesn\’t mean that the Russians are the blame here (as a lot of people think it is on WoT, it\’s not) but the developers will be heavily biased to attract that market and favour it over others, even if their Russian playerbase asks for buffs to other nations.

    The reason why I said this is because there are 2 Russians to pick, over 1 German and an American.

    And keep in mind they already made the predictable mistake of turning it into a Russia X America type of game, East X West (in contrast, Western Developers always make it a \”United States versus the World type of games), without factoring in both historical and unhistorical, alternative and less known scenarios as India X Paquistan, China X Soviet Union, China X Japan, US X al-Qaeda, Iran X Iraq etc.

    I understand some of those nations do not want to be portrayed in video games, and there are laws against that, but I\’m just saying, there are other nations to feature.

    I mean, if I, who is not a game developer have gotten there, one who is should also ponder about it too.

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