WoT – New frontlines bug(s)

This bug(s) by the looks of it has two different iterations, one is when you spectate an ally while waiting for respawns and he dies at the exact moment of respawn, (first video), other one happens when, I quote:

In Frontline when you’ve run out of tanks and are in the free camera mode, if you click a platoon mate to watch from their perspective (not sure if it would work with any random player), sometimes when you respawn you will still be watching their play but you can control your tank.




3 thoughts on “WoT – New frontlines bug(s)

  1. This was happening to me yesterday too. Sometimes I would re-spawn and be in an underground view. Once I was in the spawn screen and could not leave it but could hear my tank and saw it on the mini map and was able to drive it but still stuck on the spawn screen. I had to restart the game to make it stop.


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