0 thoughts on “WoT Gamescom – Bonus Codes Day 4

  1. THX its working in EU
    Although displayed, code redemption is not possible for technical reasons …

  2. are these \’people\’ doin this \”not working for technical reasons\” on purpose???? i try this the last 20 mins and i got none of them till now… \’i like\’ these \’intelligent people\’

    1. finally! after 27 mins of trying i got em all (so far)… have fun wasting your time fellow tankers…

      1. if you guys are wondering what these codes give you: with each code you get 1x (ONE) different emblem. that means that you can put these great emblem EITHER on wood, snow OR desert camos… just sell them for 10.000 creds or just safe your precious time!!!!

  3. if it\’s write this \”Impossible d'utiliser le code WG en raison de problèmes techniques.\”
    sorry i\’m french
    but you have reward even if it\’s write \”impossible to use wthi one for this technique problem \”

  4. WG posted this last 3 codes on stream – they were already dead!
    WG knows no shame


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