WoT NA – Frontline 2019: Episode 7 Tier VIII Vehicle Madness! an hour ago


Frontline 2019: Episode 7 starts Monday, August 19! To make sure you’re ready for the battlefield, we’re offering special deals on four (4) Tier VIII vehicles — two (2) medium tanks, one (1) heavy tank, and one (1) tank destroyers!

These offers are available now until the start of Episode 7! Also remember to get your Personal Reserves for Frontline — you can purchase up to 10 Reserves in the Premium Shop for Gold!

Frontline 2019: Episode 7
Tier VIII Premium Vehicle Offers

OFFERS START: Monday, August 19, 04:20 PT | 06:20 CT | 07:20 ET
OFFERS END: Monday, August 26, 04:20 PT | 06:20 CT | 07:20 ET

T25 Pilot Number 1

Somua SM

Primo Victoria


Frontline T25 Pilot Number 1 Bundle Offers

T25 Pilot Number 1 War Chest: $79.99

T25 Pilot Number 1 Ultimate: $52.99

T25 Pilot Number 1 Loaded: $44.99

T25 Pilot Number 1: $34.99

Bundle Contents:

  • VIII T25 Pilot Number 1
  • 100%Crew
  • Garage Slot


Frontline Somua SM Bundle Offers

Somua SM War Chest: $91.99

Somua SM Ultimate: $68.99

Somua SM Loaded: $61.99

Somua SM: $48.99

Bundle Contents:

  • VIII Somua SM
  • 100%Crew
  • 1xGarage Slot

Frontline Primo Victoria Bundle Offers

Primo Victoria War Chest: $87.99

Primo Victoria Ultimate: $59.99

Primo Victoria Loaded: $52.99

Primo Victoria: $43.99

Bundle Contents:

  • VIII Primo Victoria
  • Fully trained “zero-Skill” Crew withBrothers in Arms (“Band of Brothers”) Perks
  • Garage slot


Frontline T-103 Bundle Offers

T-103 War Chest: $79.99

T-103 Ultimate: $50.99

T-103 Loaded: $41.99

T-103: $33.99

Bundle Contents:

  • VIII T-103
  • 100%Crew
  • Garage Slot



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