WoT ASIA – How to General in Frontline with Napalmer!


Ahead of Frontline Episode 7, we got in touch with ANZ’s resident Frontline expert to find out everything you need to know to take you from Private to General. Don’t forget, Frontline on ANZ queues up every night at (the new time of) 9pm GMT+10, make sure you don’t miss out!

What do you believe the best 3 tech-tree tanks are for Frontline?

  1. VIII IS-3  – This tank has a fantastic combination of mobility, armour and firepower which makes it great for pushing the assault or defending while hull down. It works best in a platoon, so you can share your HP and focus down isolated targets.
  2. VIII Caernarvon  – A strong turret and the best DPM for a HT at Tier VIII makes the Caernarvon a dangerous opponent to push into. It dominates ridgelines, so always keep yourself hull-down and move from cover to cover when attacking.
  3. VIII T-44  – If you’re looking for an all-round tank that’s versatile, the T-44 is a fantastic choice. Good mobility, DPM and turret armour allow you to both attack and defend easily. I would strongly recommend using the 100mm LB-1 gun instead of the 122mm D-25-44 to ensure that you have the penetration to deal with your opponents.

How do you approach your strategy as an attacker?

Strength in numbers. A solid defence can be shattered by sheer numbers, so working with your team is key to capturing the early bases. After that, it’s a good idea to see which way the team is going and follow the blob. Pressing TAB to see the team list for your current zone helps with this. Flanking can be highly effective in taking out enemy tanks in cover, but be aware that respawning tanks might catch you off-guard! I also try and be one of the tanks in the circle, capturing the base. A successful capture gives a massive boost to your progress towards General.

How do you approach your strategy as a defender?

Crossfire reigns supreme in the early bases. Grouping up will often leave a vulnerability in the zone which the enemy can exploit. If a base is about to be captured, look to either get a kill on one in the circle (this grants a massive bonus!) or start retreating, so you can set up to farm enemies pushing through the open ground. Keep an eye on the mini-map and press TAB to see the team list for your current zone. If there aren’t many enemies, it’s a good idea to push on and look for damage as you may be wasting precious time! I generally position either on a ‘choke point’ or around the base, as these areas are often the most contested and give the most opportunity.

Do you change your tank type based on what stage of the game you’re spawning into? Or do you play to your strengths?

I usually pick a heavy or medium tank to begin with, as I need something versatile that will work no matter what I spawn into. As the game progresses, I generally swap into a medium or light tank (usually the EBR 75), as there is much more open ground to utilise their strengths. If the battle is shifting towards a brawl on D or E that requires armour, I’ll swap into a Heavy Tank again. Tank destroyers also work well in this part of the game, however they can be a little less flexible, depending on the zone. If you’re not getting damage, it may be worth considering changing class. In the late-game, I find TDs to only be effective for defending 1, 2 and 5, so I usually swap to a heavy tank, medium tank or autoloader and brawl the area between turrets 3 to 5. Light tanks can also be difficult to play in this part of the game, and are generally effective in taking out isolated targets or SPG.

Is C worth trying to attack at the start of battle or later in the game?

Depending how strong your opponents are, C can be incredibly easy or incredibly difficult to attack. The problem is that the circle is in the open with multiple angles of cross-fire, which makes it difficult to capture. A coordinated push can catch enemies off-guard for a fast capture, but the longer the enemy has to set up, the harder it is to attack. Often if I spawn on C, I will push down the river road to support B, and either flank the enemies defending C or move onto E. I would not suggest respawning onto C until late in the game if possible, as it is easier to attack later when the enemy team has moved on to defend other bases.

What capture zones/parts of the map should you focus on holding in defense?

B is the most critical to defend to begin with, as losing it allows attackers to flank the defenders on the high ground of A, which is a key position needed to hold the base. It’s important to track enemies attempting to enter B as they have a building to hide behind which provides excellent cover. D and E have cover for both teams around the base, so a lot of action tends to happen there. Don’t be afraid to push into the enemy if it guarantees a kill – that’s the only way to reset! If either fall, be prepared to defend the high ground near the north east/west corner of the sector, as it provides excellent firing angles and cover for those flanking around. Also, it’s important to note that there is often a lot of open ground attackers need to push through when moving from zone to zone. It is important to deal as much damage then as you can, so you have the HP advantage in the later brawls.

You’re through to the final turrets – what’s your plan of attack?

Firstly, check to see if there are any bases not captured. Additional time is granted for every base captured, and a large bonus for capturing all of them. Extending the battle maximizes your chances to get damage/kills, which is a much more efficient way to increase your ranking than shooting the turrets, plus capturing the bases can give a significant boost as well! I usually then push the area between turrets 3 and 5, as there is a lot of enemies to farm damage on. Autoloaders, tanks with high DPM or tanks with good armour are excellent choices here. Focusing on the turrets isn’t a good idea – the bonus from even destroying them is minimal, and it can end the game early, which is bad for everyone. Winning does not give you a bonus to your Frontline XP, so don’t be afraid to lose if it guarantees you a higher ranking.