WoT EU – Defend Your Imperium with the KV-2 (R)



Whether it’s big as the Ultima Segmentum or small like the Mines map, this tank will hold its ground like no other. Why you ask? Well none other than the Emperor of Mankind speaks through its gun! Inspired by the grim darkness of the Warhammer 40.000 universe, the KV-2 (R) for Ragnarok, is an incredible Tier VI premium heavy tank, useful against any vehicle. After all, if this tank of the Valhallan regiments can fight Orks or Chaos Space Marines, it can surely use its 152 mm boomstick against lower or higher tier vehicles!

So get ready to deal tons of damage with HE shells, and don’t forget to use this tank’s fear factor – nicely complected by awesome “fourty K” details –  to finish off your adversaries.

Supreme – 59.99 €

Ultimate – 39.99 €

Standard – 27.43 €

  • VI KV-2 (R)
  • 100% trained crew with the perk “Brothers in Arms”
  • 1 exclusive Ragnarok style
  • Garage Slot