World of Tanks – Tank Festival has started! (Free gift tank and Škoda T 27 event!)

Note: Tank Festival begins with the release of update 1.6 which will release a day after RU server release (August 6th on RU, August 7th on all other servers)

The tank festival has started! It will last until October 7th. The hangar is also included.

You will be given starting 5 Tickets and a T-116 gift tank immediately after launching the game.

Missions for tokens:

1. Festival weekdays 1:
• Objective: Deal 650 damage.
• Reward: 🎫1 ticket.

Can be completed 7 times per day.

Will From August 6 to August 12, 2019 (On RU server)

2. Festival weekend 1:
• Task: damage 25 enemy vehicles (in total).
• Reward: 🎫30 tickets.

Can only be completed once per day

Can only be completed starting August 10th – 12th (On RU server)

The next event is Czech Vacations (August 9th – 19th).

Tank Festival 2019 ” will open with a series of tasks with a Czech event, ”which not only veterans, but also beginners can handle. Czech Vacations will last from August 9th to August 19th. Players will be able to collect a whole bunch of fragments of drawings for the Czech branch of World of Tanks and get a unique 3D-style for the Czech Tier VIII premium tank Skoda T 27 – and that’s not counting other awards.

NOTE: Currently known is that only that the unique 3D style is up for grabs, whether or not the tank itself is available for free is unknown.


0 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Tank Festival has started! (Free gift tank and Škoda T 27 event!)

  1. Why should anybody care about a custom style if they will have to buy the tank to be able to use it? Although knowing that this is WG and the description says even beginners can complete the missions I wouldn’t be surprised if in the end you could obtain the tank only by paying money for them. They should have made a universal camo pattern the reward instead that we could put on any Czech tank we want.

    I hope at least they will give away enough blueprint fragments so I could skip the Defender Killer grind quickly.

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