0 thoughts on “WoT – Tank Racing Season 2 Screenshots

    1. They will put an engine limit on it. You will be forced to change the engine after each race because it can’t handle the high loads for too long. You have to collect engine parts in random battles: each tier will get a unique mission which will give you a different spare part and it will take 2 hours for the mechanics to complete a new engine from spare parts once you collected at least one spare part of each.

      1. We received your application as Event Designer and we are happy to get your on board. Welcome at WG.

  1. And, don’t forget new currency, god forbid use an existing one. Pesos, you will earn pesos so you can pay the mechanic for the work.

  2. Way better than actual playing WOT!!

    this race event with the Chaffee is actually enjoyable and fun! imagine that fun in WOT ))hard I know

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