WoT Console – Loaded Dice Event (Reworked damage and penetration mechanics)

https://i0.wp.com/static-wcp.gcdn.co/sites/default/files/explosion_guy_carousel_36.jpg?resize=768%2C432&ssl=1Get ready Commanders, we’re going to test some adjustments to game mechanics that will encourage even greater precision in-game! We’ll be monitoring the impact of these changes closely while this event is active to ensure we continue to provide the best possible player experience. If we identify any issues with this test, we will revert these changes back to normal.

During the Loaded Dice event you will play with exact Penetration & Burn Damage values, and the variability of Damage will be reduced for greater predictability.

What does all of this mean?

Currently, Penetration, Damage, and Burn Damage are calculated in-game within a variable range from their listed average values (sometimes referred to as Random Number Generation or RNG). Basically, every time you hit your opponent, the amount of armor that your shells will penetrate and the amount of damage that you deal is within a +/-25% range from the displayed average values.

For example, let’s say that you are firing AP shells that have a penetration value of 100 and a damage value of 100. Every shell you fire will have the effects of the round calculated in two stages:

100 Penetration (+/- 25%) then 100 Damage (+/- 25%)


In this example, every AP shell you fire would have a possible Penetration range of 75 – 125mm worth of armor (with the exact value being a random number generated from within this range). Likewise, shells that penetrate would then have a possible Damage range of 75 – 125 damage (again, with the exact value being a random number generated from within this range).

Known issues:

Please note that during the event, the in-game UI will still display the usual range of values for Penetration and Damage and will not reflect the changes made during the event.

The Loaded Dice Event!

During the Loaded Dice Event, your shells will always penetrate the exact amount of armor listed in-game (100mm worth of armor using the example above). Damage will continue to vary, though damage will be toned down to +/- 10% of the listed value (so a shell listed as doing 100 damage will randomly inflict between 90 – 110 damage during this event).

To make things easier to understand, here is what you can expect during the Loaded Dice Event:

Shell Damage

  • Shell Damage: +/-25% variability reduced to +/-10%.
  • A round that penetrates will do +/- 10% of its displayed damage value.
    • Example: If a rounds average damage is 250 and you penetrate, your possible range of damage will be between 225-275.

Note: An HE shells splash damage will still vary as the splash damage dealt is determined by the armors thickness


  • Penetration: +/-25% variability removed from Penetration.
  • A rounds penetration value is its displayed value and will no longer have a range applied.
    • Example: If a rounds penetration value is 150mm, it will always penetrate 150mm worth of armor.

Burn Damage

  • Burn Damage: +/-25% RNG removed from Burn Damage.
    • The damage per second of burn will no longer vary and will provide a more consistent burn.
    • The length of burn will continue to vary.
    • Each vehicle still has its own burn damage per second factor.

Furthermore, the Aiming reticle color in-game will now indicate the following while the Loaded Dice Event is active:

Red = 100% Penetration

  • ​​​​​If your aiming circle is Red, you have 100% chance to penetrate the armor you are looking at.
  • Note: The aiming circle only accounts for the armor panel you are aimed at. If you are aimed at Spaced armor it is only indicating that you can penetrate the spaced armor plate and doesn’t mean you will be able to penetrate all layers of armor.

Orange = 50% Penetration

  • If your aiming circle is Orange, you have a 50% chance to penetrate the armor you are looking at.
    • There is a 50% chance that the armor you are looking at can be penetrated 100% of the time.
    • There is a 50% chance that the armor you are looking at can be penetrated 0% of the time.

Yellow = 0% Penetration

  • If your aiming circle is Yellow you have 0% chance to penetrate the armor you are looking at.

13 thoughts on “WoT Console – Loaded Dice Event (Reworked damage and penetration mechanics)

  1. IMO it should be -10% at the lowest. If +2 remains, that 25% needs to be there on alpha.

    But does pen have RNG on high, or just 0% on low? As if it\’s 0% RNG. That\’s gotta be terrible and just beg more gold spam.

    1. They remove RNG from pen. Hence it\’s the nominal value that you currently have.

      If your gun has a 268mm base pen value now, it means it will have 268mm every time. Instead of the +/-25% RNG we currently have where you pen value can land anywhere between: 201-335mm.

      DMG RNG at 10% is good new for lower tier vs. 122mm Russian blasters.

      PS: Can we get this on PC too? Like pretty please?

      1. also, it will be very nice if we will get this less rng on accuracy too. i\’m tired to miss my shots even fully aimed

  2. so basically in situations where before a regular shell had at least a chance to pen 1 out of 2 times now only a premium one will do the job. this change can be an effective way to make the players learn faster to rely on \”2\” key.

    than again, this is what some players cried for so now they can go and make WG a little more happy.

    1. Please tell me how will the pen roll removal promote prem ammo usage? People are already shooting gold and things when the nominal pen value the gun has can\’t deal with some no weakspot monstrosities put into the game.

      Just think about your avarage Tier 10 medium tank / heavy tank gun.

      With 25% RNG you can go from shooting trough the turrent front of a Type 5 heavy with normal ammo to not being able to penetrate a slightly angled Tiger P in a tank thats 3 tiers higher….

  3. A test event live testing possible changes for a short period. Very well done console team!
    What they are testing though is not what I expected interesting none the less. Curious to read about consoles conclusions after this test event.

    For PC, the 25% +/- RNG on some roll types is too big, especially IMO for penetration rolls.
    But before anyone screams: 25%+ is needed for +2.

    If the Sandbox special vs standard ammo reworked goes through, WG should also reduce the price significantly of said special ammo AND introduce a xp/credit penalty depending on the target\’s \”tier\” and it\’s \”armoured rating\”.
    Perhaps a new vehicle statistic has to be added so this can be indexed and used in such formula.

    This would simulate, although not in damage, an \”over penetration\” mechanism of when shooting thin armoured target (or low tier targets). High pen round going more or less straight through, be it\’s resulting in lower xp/credit instead of lower dmg.

    Would help against the spam of the special ammo and make it properly situational.
    Meet a higher tier armoured opponent and loading APCR/HEAT

  4. There is a 50% chance that the armor you are looking at can be penetrated 100% of the time.
    There is a 50% chance that the armor you are looking at can be penetrated 0% of the time.

    Can someone translate/rephrase this? I\’m not sure if it makes 0% sense 100% of the time or if it makes 100% sense 0% of the time.

  5. penetration should not have any RNG. there is enough RNG with the aim itself, then the RNG with the damage. Pen should have none. angled armor already changes the possibility of the pen.

  6. Ive said for a LONG time that WoT needed to look at its penetration mechanics.
    Its dumb how it is currently on PC, the changes console are trying to do are in the right direction but still kinda wrong.
    A shell doesn\’t MAGICALLY lose or GAIN penetration out of the blue. The only thing that affects penetration is distance traveled.
    Apon impact, it penetrates or not based on the values of that shell.
    The only thing in World of Tanks that could alter shell penetration apon impact, is spaced armor. Since there is nothing more advanced beyond that in terms of armor.
    Ergo, there should be ZERO RNG on Shell penetration. Only loss of penetration over distance, which is sorely implemented.
    Which makes me wonder about the consoles idea, since they mentioned nothng about distance. RNG is removed, but loss of pen over distance traveled is still a thing? If so, then that makes it more right.

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