World of Tanks – Tank Festival rolls out!

Tank Festival Rolls Out!
Join the grand celebration for World of Tanks’ 9th anniversary and get gifts galore! We’re launching a whole series of events for those who keep World of Tanks close to their hearts. Hop on board, try your hand at new game modes, and win heaps of rewards along the way!

Dog Tags

During the Festival

Complete Festival tasks, earn tickets and customize your unique Dog Tag, a kind of personal “business card” that enemies will see after you destroy them. Gather your collection of custom elements, progress through Titles and earn rewards. When you have the entire collection, you will get access to the Festival Shop with valuable rewards previously available only during special events.

Czech Holidays

Beginning of August

It’s time to try something Czech-flavored, Commanders! To add variety to your daily Random Battles, take part in a new game event with easy yet captivating missions. Play tanks, research the Czechoslovakian tech tree faster, and get your hands on a bunch of trophies!

Steel Hunter

End of August

You are in the mysterious Zone 404. This will be the most extraordinary battle you’ve ever experienced, and only you will be able to decide its outcome. Explore the Zone, research different vehicles, play hard and fight even harder – each battle will be unlike the last!

Frontline, episode 7

Mid of August

Episode 7 is the best time to speed things up and make the final push for incredible reward vehicles! This time round we’re introducing something new to amplify your efforts on the battlefield, so get ready to storm the Frontline and find out!

Festival Calendar

End of August

What is a Festival without a Fair? Every day a new lot with various tanks available at a special price will be put up for sale.

Not sure if you want to enrich your collection with this vehicle? No problem, just put it in your cart and take a break to think this deal over – you will have time to make up your mind. And don’t forget to check out some sweet offers in the Premium Shop – you will definitely find something very special there during the Festival!

Frontline Episode 8

Mid of September

Starting from this Episode, the most persistent and skillful players will be able to grab the unique AE Phase I, a Tier IX American heavy tank with four caterpillars. And don’t forget about the other outstanding reward vehicle, the Emil 1951, the first-ever Swedish Tier VIII Premium heavy tank with an autoloader. Push for victory and claim your well-deserved rewards!

Tank Races

End of September

If you’re like us, you’re eagerly looking forward to the return of a real legend to World of Tanks. So get ready to burn up the asphalt as you speed toward the finish!

Gentlemen, start your engines!