WoT – August Twitch Prime bundle

Now from Britain to Germany. 7th Twitch Prime set.

Everything is known, except for the 2nd rental tank, will be tier 6 – 7.
The package is called “Golf”),  Kanonenjagdpanzer 105 will be the rental tank this month.
Added yesterday with micropatch:

• Ferdinand “Der Käfer” Folk: – New exclusive German commander with 3 skills. Only for the german nation.
“The German officer school has raised an excellent specialist who can squeeze the maximum result out of any tank.”
• Emblem “Always on time” – non-historical. The price of 50 gold (not for sale), for any nation and tier.
* Emblem issued to the participants of the live action.
• Medal “German quality” – again updated under the new package.
* Medal given to the participants of the live action.