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  1. It\’s an AWFUL F* MODE……
    Let\’s see what they done here, shall we?

    >The maps are forged so the AI does not get stuck (very open)
    >The tank selection is mediocre
    >You can NOT change anything about those
    >You can NOT decide with which tank to respawn
    >Respawn will MOST LIKELY KILL YOU… ending in artillery fire or in front of 5 enemy tanks! (i wish i was kidding: https://i.imgur.com/fcweinc.jpg you are better of quitting to garage dying during a wave)
    >There is no respawn invincibility or way to pick WHERE TO RESPAWN
    >5 seconds to leave the area of artillery fire? IT\’S HUGEEEEEEE and those are SLOW!!! You need 5 seconds alone to turn around!
    >shells will hit you IN COVER OR NOT… no angles, instant kill ghost shells, unlike on regular artillery or anything using a PROJECTILE WITH DROP OFF! Not even a stone would land this pin point if you drop it from an hotairballoon! …)
    >no additonal spawns!
    >you can NOT adjust the plane/bombardment angle. its always a straight line

    >the difficulty is a JOKE… i had 1 KV1S and the rest was Tier1…… SOOOOOO it makes sense to give us 8 waves, one of which containing THREE TIGERS!!!! at a point where you are lucky to have 3 tanks alive…… JESUS CHRIST!

    >They could have used this mode to INTRODUCE THE NEW AMMO CHANGES… give us ANY ammo choice! Think about it! Aim and get more dmg or go easy and do less!! IN PVE… BRILLIANT!

    >Ofc a lot of fucking gold bundles rubbed under your nose.
    >The \”\”\”\” Progress\”\”\”\” is like 25 of 2000 pts per game…….
    >and then they limit how often you can play! HURRAY! but that awful halloween mode with just 1 map was unlimited….. the most boring shit ever??? brilliant!

    >Viewranges are shit. You cant use modules or boost your tanks in any way.
    >If your retard scout dies, your TD can go and suck tank pipes… and those hardly can pen what they face later on…… the TDS….. struggle to PEN… and good luck flanking on tiny shit maps, while there are waves with half a dozen luchs and big guys in the middle swarming everywhere!
    >plus INSTANT FAILURE STATES! … great lord

    JESUS……… now just remember those NPC are freaking snipers once they got you and thats that.

    I could list more, but even HALF… aww fuck it: 3-4 points of this list would be already BAD.

    Wanna know the best part about this all????

    >Big repair kits only
    >Never burned
    >You can\’t adjust angles of \’strikes\’
    >You will never run out of ammo (i dont pay attention, do 6k and still am full wtf)
    >the maps are TINY and you can only use about 20%

    They got your balls in a tighter grip than APPLE does on their customers… and thats saying something.

    >they got to recycle their \”historical mode\”
    >you can get some new tank unlocks? like 2 per line?
    >some useful abilities (airstrike >5x luchs)
    >the prises are.. okay? rare modules?
    >there are SOME different maps (which is a step up from that Halloween disaster)
    >the scenery/preview screens… especially those Semi3D tank previews… LOOK NICE!!

    Aside of that, this mode can go and eat **** πŸ™‚

  2. **EDIT** somehow a part of my post vanished…-after \”\”FRONTLINES\”\” i meant to say:

    Also, WG thinks, YOU, the players… are IDIOTS… not allowing to change a single thing.

    *check out the hand-holding list above, which in a funny twist, will further cripple your experience*

        1. they really get pig
          premium ammo just make ANY tank stronger on firepower
          and guess how can you afford it?? With premium time somehow???

          what a pig…

  3. How the hell does stuff like this go past testing? Do they test it at all or is their QA department drunk? πŸ˜€

  4. This only happens on Sand River. on the minimap it looks as if the enemy tanks are teleporting.
    This mode has so many issues. Enemy bots are like gods. They know where you are all the time. they have laser accuracy they dont suffer any rng. If you shoot them from behind a double bush they\’ll shoot back even if you\’re not spotted (sixth sense didnt go off and he was waiting until i shoot 2-3 times im not dumb). Sad thing is Wargaming designed a bot that could get 48-49% fok maybe even 50% win rate. Which is better than an average player. And if not then definitely better than most of my teammates. This mode is silly a little bit fun with a friend but quickly gets boring.

  5. I would rather bite my arm off than play this mode again. 5 out of 6 games were on Sand river with 6 waves having \’stuck tanks\’. GG WG.

  6. The PVE Idea IS nice and Long overdue. IT needs a Lot of extra Work to ne convinient to Play. Also ist Like to Stress that those Bots are a tinY Touch OP. πŸ˜‰ But Hey ITS a Start and IT Took WG only a des years! GJ! πŸ˜‰

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