0 thoughts on “WoT Bonus Code (Extra Homefront Fuel Canisters)

  1. The bonus code works on EU, but no cans of fuel showed up in garage. I still only have the 2 free daily cans (from today). I have not played HF today, or any randoms. So the 2 cans are from daily free quota.

  2. Works… but 1 hour later.. still nothing. And I can use it again and it still says \”code accepted\”. But nothing appears.

  3. This code comes from the german WOT EU portal. It says that the code will unlock a special mission.

    However the code will be accepted, but the mission will not appear.

  4. Maybe only in Germany ? Still, big fail, as the whole Homefront mode. Grind is way too long for such a uninteresting mode where you are forced to play w/out equipment, camo.

  5. The matchmaking is an issue – typical wargaming mess-up there. WoT forums have been down since yesterday so no word on whether MM in the mode will be fixed.

          1. First of all, it IS 3-marked.

            Secondly, I\’m keeping it because it was my first medium. Kept it as a credit maker back in the day, when winning Premiums would\’ve been as weird as fighting against UFOs.

            Then there\’s the matter of my stats not being nearly as bad as you make them sound (even though I don\’t play to improve them, only to Elite all tanks).

            (Fyi, you should probably learn what \’noob\’ means)

            And finally, if you decide to be that toxic, please don\’t do it here, or I\’ll have to ask a mod/admin to take care of the situation. Thanks.

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