World of Tanks 1.6 Release Date

Together with the launch of the new game mode, WG advanced the 1.6 WoT release date. The update will be released immediately after the end of the Homefront event.

Previously, 1.6 RU was to be released  on August 6 (Tuesday), but rather will be released on the night of August 5-6. The rest of the regions as always will get the patch a day later.

Homefront will work until 03:30 Moscow time on August 6 (before the servers are disconnected).

Whether the patch will be preloaded is unknown.
Remember, that with the release of 1.6 from the game will be permanently withdrawn mode “Team battle”.

0 thoughts on “World of Tanks 1.6 Release Date

  1. people still play this lame rigged game, Wow go outside and get a life, this game went to shit 6 years ago and now is just a greedy money pit.

    1. Believe it or not, people still play it and have fun. Meanwhile, you\’re sitting at your screen too, reading a blog about a game that went to shit 6 years ago, having nothing better to do than posting comments here. Well… 🙂

      1. Yup and you are one of the 20K out a 6 bill people that have no life and dream of being something, and now your reading how sad your life is.

    2. And still, people come back to moan about how bad the game is to others years after they left. If you left the game already, just go outside and enjoy your life. Don’t spend it telling us how bad the game is.

  2. I actually played the Manticore on the test server, and it performs better than what people say.

    It outvisions every other tank in the game, and has a gun that hits hard. It cannot outbrawl other light tanks, but so long as you play it smart understanding this weakness, you can make the tank work

    Not a popular opinion i know 🙂

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