World of Tanks – Team Battles Mode Discontinued

Our most engaged players are probably aware of a mode called Team Battles. Team Battles are played in a special format (7/54 players, 2 bases), which is not used in other game modes.

Team Battles was originally developed because it was aligned with our competitive format. But while World of Tanks evolved, Team Battles didn’t follow and became a niche, outdated mode with no progression or goals. Additionally, it doesn’t currently sync with our current core formats.

With all of this in mind, we have decided to disable the Team Battles mode with the release of Update 1.6.

Alternative Modes for Your Consideration

We know that among World of Tanks fans there are players who still play Team Battles. Therefore, we want to offer you alternative ways to realize your tanking potential, hone your team tactics, and earn rewards along the way.

Depending on your preferences and skills, you may enjoy one of the following game modes:

  1. Tournaments. Battle to be the very best and win Gold, Premium tanks, and other special prizes.
  2. Stronghold. Experience different battle formats with your team, produce reserves to benefit your Clan members in battle, and earn Credits and Gold. You can even join other Clans as a Legionnaire if youโ€™re not yet part of one!
  3. Frontline. An epic 30v30 mode for Tier VIII vehicles on a huge map with dynamic gameplay. A great way to boost your Credit and XP reserves.
  4. Ranked Battles with a revised progression system and a bunch of rewards.

So give each suggestion a try and find a mode to your liking! Roll out!

0 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Team Battles Mode Discontinued

    1. May I ask what your ping is when playing at EU? ๐Ÿ™‚ Maybe you NA players want to come over to EU? ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. So … my bullshit decoder says:

    We did ruin team battles by releasing too many over powered T8s…..
    We dont care about balancing T8 …
    You fools realized 6x defender + 1x scout matches are 99% camp and 100% boring …
    Team battles will end, before more of you complain…

    1. 1) powerful T8 tanks are not problem because some of them are not premium and premium can buy everybody
      2) 6xDefender + 1 scout can be useless when must defend 2 bases not near each other or attacking when enemy have 3 or more mediums that outflank them..
      3) real reason for end of team battles is that players can earn huge amount of silver on fast way..
      (I played 12.000+ team battles and once in 15-20 days can buy tier X tank.. )

      Team battles are best mod in WoT, 7vs7 meaning real team battles with talk and tactic in half of time for regular random battles. so no more idiots on your side because we kick them from team ๐Ÿ™‚ No more stupidity in Front Lines like get in bad team so must stay next 30 minutes in agony because can\’t get out of battle. Or ranked battles where all play as cowards trying to keep as much possible their health and not shoot to many because only premium ammunition is in use there and as usual few idiots in your team and you lost not just battle but your rank.. so Team battles have no alternative in WoT.

  2. Team battles was one of the most funny things in this game.
    I, and many, will take a break from wot.

  3. The most fun and relaxed mode gets taken away. And the options they gave us are nothing like teambattles at all. Teambattles are nice since they have no goal or grind. all the others are way different or way to try hard. The ones making this desicision are clearly not playing this game

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