World of Tanks – Patch 1.6 news

More news surfacing of the new patch, general test is scheduled for today, but it could be delayed till tomorrow if WG encounters technical problems.

British light tanks will be added for the common testers, as of today, this is one of the fastest added branches ever, with supertests for the vehicles taking very little time.

Branch composition:

Tier 6 – Comwell

Tier 7 – GSR 3301 Setter (Setter)
Tier 8 — LHMTV:
Tier 9 — GSOR3301 (GSOR)
Tier 10 — Manticore

Release of British tier 8 premium light tank Senlac is unknown as of yet. Research from Cromwell to the new light tanks will take about 60k XP.

Also, E 75 TS (And likely the Raumpanzer and TL-1 aswell) will be added for supertesters to playtest them.