World of Tanks 1.6 – New badge for Supertesters

In 1.6 your favorite supertesters will ger a personal patch.


“Supertest veteran patch.”
It is issued to those players who have reached the status of “veteran” at the Supertest.

* The status of “veteran” in ST is assigned to testers with an experience on the Supertest of 6 months and a total of 360 points and above.


10 thoughts on “World of Tanks 1.6 – New badge for Supertesters

  1. I don’t care as long as RU is the only region with supertesters, while ignoring the other regions and cultures. And the answer at Q&A looks like there will nothing be changed about that fact. Just remember how they removed EU supertester because of leaks while everything is still leaked as soon as it hits the supertest.


    1. I hear that certain Community Contributors outside of RU are also part of the Supertest, but don’t let anyone know about this 😉 It’s sekrit


      1. Well that’s also sad 😛 What makes community contributors more qualified for testing than any other players? I’d rather put real testers or programmers as supertesters as these players have a better understanding of software and know where to look for bugs and issues. When it comes to feedback, all that is required is a constructive mind 🙂


  2. I get pissed everytime they add a new badge while never adding badges for unique game acheivements. As someone who has the Senior Technical Engineer badge for unlocking every tank I badly want a badge for that.


  3. yea keep rewarding the failing supertesters. ffs wargaming is out of there minds. the supertest is a complete fail they are half the problems with wot.


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