World of Tanks 1.6 – XP needed to get the British tier X light tank Manticore

Figures are presented if you only mount the main modules, skipping over any unnecessary ones.

Designation: tier (name of the tank) = how much it costs only to research the tank itself / sum with the previous value if you go directly, skipping unnecessary modules throughout.

• Tier 7 (GSR 3301 Setter) = 63.000 exp. – this experience can be accumulated in advance at Cromwell. The opening in front of the top gun is.
• Tier 8. (LHMTV) = 95.600 ex./184.200
• Tier 9. (GSOR3301 AVR FS) = 164.900ex./387.300
• Tier 10. (Manticore) = 252.500 ex./648.800

– 648.800 exp in total.

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