WoT NA – T78 makes its appearance!

The U.S. had only two Tier VI tank destroyers: The M36 Jackson and M18 Hellcat. That changes today, as the brand-new T78 joins the nation as the first TD Premium at that Tier! So where does it fit among all Tier VI tank destroyers in the game? For starters, at the moment, it has the highest rating for Specific Power, the second highest View Range, and the third highest for Standard Shell Damage and Premium Shell Penetration.

The T78 is a hybrid of sorts, as it combines the M24 Chaffee‘s light tank chassis with with the M36 Jackson’s 90 mm tank destroyer cannon. It features a fully rotatable turret, powerful gun, and light armor, so be prepared with shoot-and-scoot tactics. Also, the War Chest, Ultimate, and Loaded bundles include a removable T78-exclusive “Federalist” special 3D style — perfect for the 4th of July!

A Closer Look at the T78 with “Federalist” Style and No Style:



T78 Offers:

T78 War Chest: $73.99

T78 Ultimate: $51.99

T78 Loaded: $39.99

T78: $21.99

Bundle Contents:

  • VI T78
  • 100%Crew
  • 1,000 Gold
  • Garage Slot

0 thoughts on “WoT NA – T78 makes its appearance!

    1. It isn\’t fake. The T78 was a July 1943 project to arm the Chaffee chassis with a 90mm gun in a M36 turret. By that time however, the Chaffee was not even in prototype stage, so this concept was purely theoretical. It was put on hold in August 1943, because the Chaffee chassis was yet to prove itself. Despite the fact the Chaffee project was successful, the T78 development was never resumed.

      1. you didn\’t get the point, I mean this skin is unhistorical and, somebody often says fake ___s.

    1. It\’s a Hellcat that trades away top speed, 20% aimtime for 20% faster turret traverse and 20% better gun handling, as well as substantially better ammo capacity.

      So, iunno. Hellcat is very good but the turret traverse is a well-and-honest weakness that limits how powerful it can be. 55kmh top speed is a different kind of limit, but Hellkitty so rarely hit 72 it shouldn\’t really be considered a downside.

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